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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2256900
Everybody has at least one

Places where I've seen you,
forever will you be;
times we strive and lean through
... faces that we see

Ghosts on errant corners,
streets, sepia in haze;
visions vast that draw us,
to the echoes of our days

Voices strong that hold still,
shaken parts that form a sum;
biding, silent on the hill,
for phantoms that won't come

Wraiths once dwelt there, dancing,
in memory, embossed;
times remembered, glancing,
perspectives found and lost

In the rain I saw her,
up there on the ridge;
always been a hoarder,
water treasured 'neath the bridge

As drops, they frame, they form her,
invisible, she stands;
from times when it was warmer,
I watch the raindrops land

Tumbled down, incessant,
stopping gods know where;
to me she's always present,
despite not being there

Times that I can't live through,
with faces I won't see;
places I still see you
... forever will you be
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