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by bas
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2256954
A couple in a supermarket . What are they shopping for?
“Is the camera gone bad on aisle 2 ?“ Deepak peered closer at the monitor trying to get a closer look at the screen.
“What happened ? “ Siya turned from her screen, noticing the worry in Deepak’s voice.
“You see that couple in aisle 2 ?”
“Yeah, they are just looking at the items I guess,” Siya nodded , wondering why Deepak was worried about something so simple.
“They have been standing like that for the past half an hour” Deepak rewinded the video on another screen to prove his point.
“Now that is strange.”Siya nodded as she turned back to watch the live feed where the couple was still standing in the aisle.

“Raghu , come in” Deepak was already on his com device informing security before Siya could say anything.
“Yes control, Raghu from Aisle 2”.
“Can you see the couple standing in the middle of your aisle?” Deepak’s gaze fixed on the screen.
“Yes.” Raghu confirmed.
They’re behaving suspiciously.” Deepak continued, “Check why they are standing there for the past half hour.”
“That sure is not usual” Raghu agreed as he decided to check with the couple.
As soon as Deepak disconnected his com, as if the couple were waiting for it , both turned towards the camera and smiled.
“Are they smiling at us ?“ Deepak and Siya looked at the screen in shock as the couple turned and walked away from aisle 2
“Where, where did they go ?“
Deepak Siya spent the next two hours ,in vain, going through every camera feed to find where the couple had gone.
“Were we just paid a visit by the ghosts ?“ Siya wondered aloud as she sank into her chair .

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