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by TraTra
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Jake's brother,Jacobe, comes back for Jake and Jake finds out why he never seen him.
Hi I'm Jake Sierra Rose and I'm 13 years old. Well 28 years old telling this story. I'm the son of Janiya Sierra Rose and Freddy Myles Rose. I have 2 sisters, Riley and Hellen. Riley is 12 years old and Hellen is 11 years old. They were in their room playing and I was in my room watching Superman the Animated Series. Since I watch Superman all the time He became my favorite superhero. I don't like Batman because he's just a rich guy with no powers. My room is decorated with Superman posters and emo boy posters on the wall. Yes I love emo stuff, even though my favorite color is blue. I'm a bad boy but I don't do really bad things. I went to my closet but as soon as I walked by the window, which was open, a boy jumped on me. "Hi." The mysterious boy said to me. "Get off of me!" I yelled at him scaredly. I kicked him off and went under the bed. He looked identical to me...too identical. "Who are you and why do you look like me?" I asked while breathing heavy. He dragged me out from under the bed. "I'm your twin brother Jake." I suddenly have a flashback to when I was a baby. Flashback: "I'm not taking care of Jake!" The father said angrily. "Why not?!" The mother asked. "He has powers and werewolf genes in him. Later in his life he will be a werewolf and extra dangerous." "We was supposed to raise them together no matter how different they are!" The mother yelled almost crying. "I'm taking Jacobe since he's completely human." End of Flashback. I was shaking because I was scared and mad. "You are my twin brother." I said in realization. "yep surprised much?" He asked me with sarcasm in his voice. I stood up and grabbed his arm. "Get out of my house! I don't want to see you again!" I yelled at him while dragging him to the window. "Fine I will leave but first..." He stabbed me in the neck with something. "By the way, my name is Jacobe." He told me before I passed out.
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