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A short story of a girl ready to speak about her feelings.
It was just a phone call, but it was a call Sara was waiting like forever. She was all ready to pour her heart out, but suddenly she resented speaking what she felt. It felt like she doesn't even know how to communicate.

Ash asked, what happened, why you are so quiet. Though it wasn't the first time she was quiet, the silence was their signature, but today, he felt something about her was strange. He knew she wants to say it, but he himself was scared, as he too is unsure about his feelings towards her.

Suddenly, she whispered some words, all of them in one breath.

She herself was shocked to the core when the words came out of her mouth.

One day, one day, we will be together, in a room drinking and talking, you mostly watching me and me almost drinking till there is no drop left in the bottle. We, together, laughing, kissing, gazing. And then at that moment, you will see what you have been missing out, wondering to know more, but then, I'll say what I have been waiting to say for years, just to let you know how much I'm in love with you, and why I don't want it to be with anyone else.

He was overwhelmed! He never anticipated her saying such things, as she was the one who always resisted meeting.
But today, today there was something different about her.

Maybe she was exhausted or really tired by keeping all the feelings inside her. Feelings she was earlier unsure of. But from the past few days, she could feel the apprehension running down her veins, making her uncomfortable in all senses, making it hard for her to breathe. Maybe this was it, this was the time she could not control her emotions, the love, the desire she felt with him.

All ready to speak up, yet withholding her emotions, asking him to meet so she could tell the obvious.

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