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Can't think of any reason why seaweed shouldn't have a poem about it.
Beneath the salty shore slapping, and sand lapping,
shallow seaside, coastline cuddling sea,
rocky fields of serene seaweeds wave, undulate,
lazy pliable servants of the tide.
The twirling forests teem with marine abundance.
Fingerlings and fry flit freely to
and fro between the fronds, like some elusive stars
sparkling silvery glints hiding
and seeking through billowing clouds of rolling dark
damp green and rich, full burgundy red
under the fluid sky, that stretches and morphs, both
tranquil and restless unperturbed by
paradoxical permutations
Surprised by a storm, some is torn, ripped from the rocks
strewn stark on the sand, dries salted sad
stinking, delineates the summit of the tide.

Syllable count alternates 12 syllables on odd lines, and 9 syllables on even lines.

Seaweed picture is from Wikipeda.
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