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A little ear trim never did an elf harm...
Just as he thought the situation could not become worse, there Liathrae appeared to be departing with the gear he'd just packed up. Her nimble elf fingers holding stolen items as she moved out of notice of his mother. He found her with her ill gotten gains out in the barn. “Just where do you think you are going with that?” Nef reclaimed his studded leather hood and gloves from her.

“I’m going to war, same as you.” She pulled back the gear and scowled at him. Her dark locks made a curtain to hide her elfish features.

“Don’t be an idiot.” He growled. “They will never let a…”

“A what?” she shouted at him and the air buzzed with electricity. “What am I then huh? A dirty elf is that what you were going to say?”

Back stepping his thoughts he scrambled knowing much worse had been going around among the people lately. “No, no, that wasn’t what I was going to say. I was going to say ‘full’ elf. No human is going to let a full elf into the army. It just won’t happen.”

Letting go of his gear she screeched in a full tantrum.

“Or a girl who throws tantrums.”

Again with a tantrum.

“Or any girl for that matter.” He shrugged. “Girls aren’t for war they’re for things like Nina does.”

That did it. Liathrae rushed at him and knocked him down in the dirt. He tried to wrestle her off but it never did any good. Getting the better of a wiry twisty she-elf was more than he could manage.

“I’ll charm my ears.” She shouted.

“Oh, think they don’t have a way of dispelling such a trick?” he told her. “Going to illusion these away too?” he grabbed her small breasts. “Nevermind you won’t have to.”

That was it, Liathrae snapped and punched him in the gut, flipped him over her head like a doll and kicked him into a pile of hay. “I should fight, I’ve more reason than you to hate an elf.” She hissed.

“It doesn’t matter Liathrae no one will trust a full elf in a war against the Forest Lord anyway. Even if she fights like a demon and hates the Forest Lord more than every human in the Morden Glen and Wyrwood combined. They just won’t.” he tried to reason with her.

“What if I trimmed them?” she touched her ears and smiled. “I’ve always wanted to.”

“You could bleed to death. You’re very sloppy with blades.” He reminded her.

“I could find a doctor or a surgeon and they could do it easy.” Liathrae spoke aloud in thought, her eyes fixated elsewhere as she imagined the possibilities of a life without pointed ears.

“No doctor would do such a surgery. No human one and no reputable one because it is the equivalent of treason. If it was ever discovered they would be put to death!” He tried to reason with her.

“All I hear from you Nef of Lochton is can’t, won’t and nos.” she cried aloud. “I’m not sitting idle when I’ve a reason to fight and an ability to fight and, and, and…”

“You’ll drive yourself mad trying to stack up reasons why in a world with a line between one side elf and the other human.” He sighed. “I don’t want to see you hurt or killed trying to change your line.”

That angry face again, like she was about to jump up and down on him for sport. Not that he wouldn’t take it, better she got it out of her system than go get herself killed trying to find a surgeon to cut off her ear tips.

“If you think I’m going to wave you off like a stupid girl when you march to war Nef of Lochton you’re a damned fool.” She glared at him. “Go get yourself killed fighting in a dumb war if you like.”

Liathrae kicked open the barn door and walked out. It’d probably be the last time he’d see her as mad as she was. It didn’t seem fair to him, but it was probably the best thing really. Might look bad to the other men if a she-elf came to wave a hankie and weep as the troops marched off to battle. Yeah, he kind of hoped she didn’t have a change of heart about that.
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