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The key to getting free gift points here on writing.com
         I wanted to share something with you all. Some of you may not be aware that the Scrolling robot game is even here. It's really a good way to get free gift points here at writing.com, and it is easier other then reviewing. This is a site wide, group instant messaging system. Members may post up to 450 characters per posting with the most recent 25 messages being displayed to those with their Scroll open and running. All members are able to view the content in the Scrolling Messages. The message window will refresh itself at different rates. It can be somewhat slow for Free Members, medium for Basic Members, fast for Upgraded Members and fastest for Premium+ Members.

         I for one only go here for the games, and I never use the instant messaging system. Anyone with a paid membership can play the scrolling robot game. Some people send messages, but I don't. There's no unwritten or written rule that requires you to talk to other folks on messenger. That's what E-mail is for. I simply click ignore on the messages and play the games for free gift points. All that you need to do is click on the "Messenger" tab which is on your portfolio page. It will take you to the scrolling robot game, and here you can win your free points.

         The games in brown are over and done being played.

         The games in blue are still active and opened to be played by anyone.

         The games in green have yet to be played, and are open to anyone who wants to play them.

         Every time you go to the Messenger there may not be any active open games, so just keep trying from time to time, and don't give up. Like I said it's free gift points. This can be rather competitive, and sometimes these games are down right cut throat in nature. You have to be fast, and practice makes perfect.

         The site keeps tract of all of the players statistics too, which can be fun to look at from time to time to see just how you are ranking. If you have any problems or questions just E-mail me and I will do my best to help you out. I hope to see you around the scrolling robot game. An avid player, Bubblegum Jones

Click on picture to collect

When the next screen appears
scroll down & click on the
green box that says collect.
Now it's yours forever & ever.

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