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by Z~
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Musings and thought provocation on an undefinable human construct with no true or false.
         Now then, where to begin? This is certainly one rabbit hole more than a few have been lost in. I suppose it's best to start at the 'start'. Where does morality start? Morality is a construct purely existing in the mind. There is no natural expression of morals that exists in the world. Morals did not exist, until we human beings created them. Certainly then there is no such thing as morals in reality. Just the concept of morals designed to assist the interactions between human beings.

         "Designed to assist." Yet time and time again. Instead of being used as a tool. Morals have been used as a weapon. One that can, and has torn people apart since the dawn of sentience. A reason to say "I am right, and you are wrong." with authority. An excuse to be tribal, divided.
          When pondering that, the question arises; Is it immoral to believe in morals? Ha, the lunacy of that statement, yet it does ring with a certain truth. I personally would inject; Is it immoral to believe that morals are set in stone? Only then can we make headway on solving this enigma. I personally think that morals are good to have around. But should never be concrete. They need to flow, adapt to whatever situation is thrown down before them.
         Is it immoral to kill? So many would argue yes. Many others argue no. So few would actually stop to ask the right questions. Kill what? Kill when? Kill where? And of course; Kill why? What if it is a deadly virus you are killing off? What if it is a cow? What if you kill another human being as they strangle your spouse to death? Perhaps it isn't a failing in the concept of morals, but a failing in the capacity of human beings to be rational and objective. Yet if that is the case, then it would be for the best for everyone to assume "Killing is bad." as a blanket statement, as they are incapable of rightly deciding when and where it would acceptable. This in turn though leads to a great deal of other problems.

         I find myself always revolving back around to people being the problem. Misanthropy spikes. Withdraw, reconsider, fall victim to yet another happy fantasy, ride that fantasy back into a social situation. Only to rinse and repeat. Sisyphus mirrored in reality. To hate other beings of your own kind is immoral, right? Haha, a partial jest.
         Problem is, I, as well of all of you have been born into a pre-populated existence. None of us have any choice other than to conform to the society we drew the straw for. We have no choice other than to participate or get out of the way. (The only real "Out of the way" is death of course. No matter how hermit-like you are, you still impact.) Yet bizarrely enough, it is immoral to die?
         Leads you to wonder. What if the morals we are taught are carefully designed by time and trial simply because we humans 'are' indeed too foolish. We are not capable of taking care of ourselves. So by defining right and wrong, those with the power to define take care of us, for us. To understand a concept like that can shatter reality, drive a dagger deep into the ego. In some it can bring madness, in others enlightenment. I would argue that it depends on how far away from reality you had already been to begin with. That distance possibly a reflection of your ability to understand and piece together what is real and what is not. A reflection of your capacity to think and understand. A reflection of how intelligent you actually are.

          One religion I have looked into, one of my favorites. Defined moral as "The truth", and immoral as "The false". Out of everything I have read and reflected upon, I personally believe that to be as close to "The truth" as we are gonna get. Without understanding everything as it is at face value, we will never escape this.... purgatory we have built around ourselves.
          Does this mean that fiction is immoral because it is not truth? Not at all. Being a construct of the mind, fiction is always true. In the sense that it is a story. It was designed to be untrue, and by being untrue it is indeed true. Fiction would only ever be immoral if it masqueraded as non-fiction. At that point it would no longer be true to what it actually is. Simple enough.

         In closing. "Ignorance is bliss." "There be dragons here." "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." "Just another brick in the wall." (Thomas Gray, Origin Unknown, Dante's Divine Comedy, Pink Floyd. Respectively.)
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