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Mischief can be made even without one's magic.
Prompt: Hiding Something

It wasn’t easy hiding something as grandiose and obnoxious as the Governor’s gold statue, but they didn’t call Nico de la Mareas the King of Thieves for nothing. In all honesty though, given enough time and thought, Nico believed even someone who was not him could have pulled this off, after all, it wasn’t even one of his serious heists, this was a mere prank in comparison to the thievery he was capable of when he put his mind to it.

“Are you monologuing to yourself again?” Shado asked, pausing halfway in pushing the clayed and painted statue up on it’s new pedestal.

Nico shook himself, “Of course not. Now hurry it up, didn’t you say you wanted dinner?”

Shado scowled at him, “I did, right before you told me you wanted to steal this stupid thing.”

Nico made a mock affronted face, “We’re not stealing it! We’re simply relocating it.”

Rolling his eyes, Shado pushed the statue all the way up, it settled with a stony thud and a puff of dust.

“Relocating, right. Because relocating is short for stealing, smothering in clay and paint to make to make it look like a dead French queen, and then hauling it across the city and putting it up in the Hall of Statues.”

Nico tutted at his friend, “Shado, Shado, Shado—“

“If you say I’m being dramatic, I will cut off your fingers one by one and feed them to you,” Shado growled, dusting himself off and retrieving his twin katanas by the secret door through which they’d come.

“Ah, I was wondering when you’d get to threatening me with bodily harm~” Nico sing-songed, skipping after his disgruntled companion.

The crisp midnight air greeted them with a refreshing chill after the dank stuffiness of the Hall.

The graveyard surrounding them was still and silent, save for Shado’s irritated footsteps crunching over the fallen leaves.

Nico caught up to him, but before he could say anything, Shado beat him to it.

“Next time you want to pull something like this, use your own damn magic.”

Nico pouted, “Oh but my sweet, sweet Shado, you know I loose my magic on the full moon.”

“So do it when it’s not a full moon.”

“But I wanted to do it tonight,” Nico whined.

Shado growled and picked up the pace, stomping away.

Nico smiled to himself, revelling in his friend’s annoyance. He paused for a moment, looking up at the full moon, his smile turning malicious.

“See that old friend? I can still create mischief even without my magic. How’s that plan working out for you, I wonder?”
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