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I hear Berkeley calling me home
Berkeley Beckoning Me (revised)

I grew up in Berkeley
Although I now live in Korea
My heart remains in Berkeley

I grew up
In Berkeley, California
In the early 70s
A wild and crazy time

Ho Chi Minh Park
People’s Park

Smoking weed
At Indian Rock Park
Hiking in Tilden

Debating Holly Hubert
At Cal’s Sprawl Plaza

Denouncing my Father
For being a Fascist Insect
Sometimes I thought
They got that right

When I tell friends
That we had regular tear gas closures
During that time
They just look at me
As if Berkeley was indeed

Berkeley shaped my soul
And my heart will always
Long for my homeland

Berkeley was always
A wild and zany place
Filled with original characters
Drawn to the city by the bay

Where else could Ginsberg
Write ‘Howl”
Or did Philip K Dick write his epic stories?

Thornton Wilder
Ursula Le Gun

Green Day
Tower of Power
Peter Appelbaum

Jim Davidson
Robert Sicular
Matt Jacobson
Marc Klinghoffer
Robert Chuck
Tom Hanks
Ron Dellums
My father’s enemy

Jimi’s Hendrix last high school

he dropped out
And joined the army

The birth of the black panther party
And the grey panther party
And the coffee party

And so many other
epic parties
Where’s the party at man?

The hills overlooking the city
The campus filled with students
The downtown shopping area
The suburban housing

The street peoples
The vendors on Telegraph
The smell of marijuana
Hanging in the air
Long before it was legal

In some ways
Berkeley seems stuck
In a time, wrap

A certain corner
Seems to be forever
Stuck in 1969

The city has changed
Over the years
Like most places

It has become harder
And harder for the working class
To afford to live there

The yuppies took over
Decades ago
But despite that the city
Continues to be home
To a diverse population

Little India emerged
Along with Berkeley’s Chinatown
The old black neighborhoods
Still manages to somehow
Thrive amid the gentrification

And so, as my life winds down
My thoughts keep returning
To my ancestral home
The homeland
Where I wish to die

Be here now
The mantra plays on in my head
But if I could be anywhere
I Would choose to be
In Berkeley, my homeland

Berkeley lives on
In my heart
And my thoughts
And in my dreams

Wandered the world
These last 65 years
But I am still drawn
To my zany, crazy Berkeley

Hear Berkeley calling me
Come home to me
Someday I will

Although I now
live in Korea
My heart remains
in Berkeley

Someday soon
I will go there
Hope to die
In the homeland
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