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Sometimes life lesons and miracles of nature come in the most unexpected ways.
She'd never seen anything like it, nor did he. Horrified at the sight she jumped back letting out a blood curdling scream “Kevin, KEEVINNN” she screamed. “THEIR ALIVE, KEVINNNN”.
“WHAAAT!” Kevin shouted back from across the basement.
“Get over here! Look at this. Their all alive.”
“What’s alive? What are you talking about?”
“O for god’s sake.” He mumbled as he laid the skill saw on the floor and began walking across the basement angrily muttering “We have to get this done and finished before the end of the week so I can get another check from Roy! What are you yapping about over there?”
“Look at this.”
He stood there watching in amazement and shock as the colony of insects slowly crawled across the newly built wooden workbench that extended the length of the concrete basement wall. “WHOAAA WHAT THE F…, YOU’VE GOT TO BE FREAKING KIDDING ME! WHOOOA! NO WAY! That’s CRAAZY, WOW, how can that Be?”
“I don’t know, and I don’t care just kill em! Get rid of them.” She snapped back.
He stood there watching in amazement as a large group began gathering a few feet away from the pile of two by fours studs sitting atop the bench in a puddle of water that were encased in frozen ice and snow just twenty minutes before. A hand full of them slowly moving through the puddles away from the stack toward the group formed a few feet away. Many of them still frozen appearing to be dead scattered on the stack of lumber.
“Ya your right!” he said. “This is a brand-new Home, and they will do a lot of damage to this place. We can’t have that Roy would freak out.”
“I thought they were all dead” she said.
“I thought they were.” He responded.
It was a brand-new three thousand square foot home just build in a small New England town in the northern rural farm community about forty miles north of Boston. Kevin had worked in the trades as a carpenter for close to a decade for a local builder framing and building homes throughout the area. Inexperienced with pricing he had given the lead to his boss who then placed a bid on the frame but didn’t get awarded the contract. As the summer months neared and autumn and cooler weather began to set in work had dried up and he found himself out of work. He again approached the home owner on his own bidding on the siding and roofing hoping to get the contract to bring the project to a weather tight condition before the harsh New England winter set in but again lost the contract to a lower bidder.
Shortly thereafter he received a phone call from the owner asking if he was available to help the finish carpenter with the interior finish and if he would be interested in doing the interior and exterior painting which he agreed to. Once the finish was done the finish carpenter had moved on and Kevin stayed on doing the interior painting and finishing the basement as a workshop for the homeowner’s mechanical contracting and plumbing crew to use as a workshop, storage, and warehouse for their tools and equipment.
By this time, it was the middle of dead winter, and the area was blanketed with two feet of snow. It had been a long snowy cold winter. He had recruited his wife and a couple friends as a helper to minimize the cost of hiring help as money was tight that year.
Twenty minutes before they had shoveled off a lift of lumber that had been dropped just a few days prior to another heavy winter storm that had hit. Much of the lumber was incased in ice and snow. Though he could see that a colony of carpenter ants had been established at some point while at the mill of lumber yard and some of the lumber had a network of small holes. He assumed all the carpenter ants visible from the colony through the ice were all dead and posed no threat.
It was not until some of the lumber was brought into the basement and the ice and snow began melting that the colony began to come back to life and began gathering in a spot just a few feet away from where it was placed on one of the benches. It appears some insects do not die off from the cold winter but rather go into a deep, deep state of hibernation until their tiny bodies begin to warm up and come back to life.
Lessons learned. She nor he had never seen anything like it. Mother Nature is truly amazing.

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