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by JC
Rated: E · Fiction · Psychology · #2257103
An experimental fictional piece. Just a springboard and idea I wanted to get off my chest.
You see them at bars. They're laughing and enjoying themselves without a care in the world. Are they real? They're perfect!

They're robots, and they're nothing like you've ever seen before. They're completely manufactured and artificial. Unnatural, because nothing on this planet is perfect. A hologram.

Let's talk about holograms.

Holograms have an uncanny ability to hypnotize. Like a moth to a flame, we get lost in the mysterious depths of their circuitry. They're circuitry in turn, penetrates our deepest hopes and strips us from our weak facade to our natural vulnerable state. Then, using our fear against us, holograms project an image of perfection to keep you from ever being free.

You are trapped, and I don't even know if you can hear me.
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