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Just starting writing for fun. Been in the feels lately and Im looking to vent.
Well... I can't really think about much to write. There's been quite a lot on my mind and not easy to form into sentence yk? I guess I'll start with how i've been feeling.

Lately, not to great.

I've been feeling that feeling when your lonely but you have people around you. I haven't been hugged in such a long time, but thats ok. I manage most of the time. Tbh, a virtual hug would even hit the spot rn.

This generation in general lacks a lot of love and understanding. It feels like people are trying to put out a fire by using other people, or not even helping at all yk?

But anyway, I'm also struggling with finding a gf. For the past year all my friend ask, "when are you gonna date again?" And I always respond with That's not my focus rn, or I'm trying. When really I want to get gf but is too shy or introvert to ask them out. But I'm working on that. I'm building confidence that's all.

Honestly, i don't know how to feel at all rn. Heck, I'm typing up my emotions on a writing website at 12:00 am lol. But at the end of the day, all I can do is wish anyone reading this a good night, morning, or afternoon.

So as a parting gift here's a joke to hopefully brighten your day.

What is a skeletons favorite food?

Spare ribs!

Ok, that was a little corny lol

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