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Prayer and seeking comfort in the "Dark Night of the Soul"
And all at once, I am convicted
Laid bare before you
You see through every smokescreen that I could make
I wish I was a funeral pyre
Burning away the wicked, dead, ash of my life
Your words cut deep in my soul, and I long to be awake and alive
Truly living
Not just existing in this empire built on sand
If the foolish speak continually and vainly then shut me up
If the righteous man receives wisdom in instruction then give me understanding
If I have not known you before
Make me to know you now
Fully knowing and fully known
Blessed by your constant presence
To be a blessing to those in my presence
Make me like you
Heal the hurt
Grant peace
May you be ever with me
Thank you

Definition of “funeral pyre”: A pile of wood on which a corpse is burned as part of a funeral ceremony in some traditions.
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