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The part I played in my abuse.
Still thinking about abuse today and how when we have been abused or we don't know better we will allow ourselves to be abused not just at home but at school,on our job's,at church,at our doctors offices ,land lords, nobody has the right to abuse you/us no matter what.I don't care if the abuse is verbal, psychology, emotional, financial the answer is No you don't get to abuse me even if you are in a position of power.I have taken so much abuse over the years from so many places thinking I had no power or voice,it is not going to matter if I say something because they somebody I am nobody which is a lie.Fight for you no matter what.

Have you told yourself they're my boss I have to take the abuse, they're my Landlord I will get kicked out if I make them angry or stand up for myself,They are the called of God surely if I say something to them I will be punished by God or killed or go to Hell so even though I know they gaslighting me or belittling me I have to take it.This is stuff I have told myself over the years such foolishness and it has caused me much harm,anger and emotional distress and some financial distress as well, giving in to people in almost every area of my life that didn't mean me well and justfing why I allowed it even when deep down I was questioning it.
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