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A reflective piece that discusses divorce and the consequences it has upon children.
I hold my daughters as they weep
Stricken with emotions
Their foundation crumbled
Their fears as vast as oceans
The depth of this sorrow
Sinking in remorse
For the ship no longer sailing
That will never meet its course

So I hold my girls tight
So they know that they are safe
And the decisions made for them
Have only sought to take
The things they knew and cherished
Now lost like many others
To form a vast of disconnection
That now draws them to a shudder

And I see the weight of fear
Hesitant to pull the anchor
As they try to cling to past
That is now only a stranger
Longing for a reunion
Yet seeing only death
As the vessel swallowed, sunken
To the perilous of depth

So I speak of a great love
That they may find a strength
To rise above the heartbreak
And not fall, sinking into hate
For although there’s pain and sorrow
The sun will rise each day
And the light that casts the shadows
Is a light that they’ll portray

These vessels, young in master
Though readied at the helm
To be skippered on this voyage
So that they will never drown
Forced to face the obstacles
The storms that rage through life
Weathered yet withstanding
As they face it in their might

These are children here before me
Who should have never known this loss
Who deserved to have their world
Without struggle and exhaust
But instead, like many others
Have been tossed amongst the seas
And must now learn how to survive
Lest they be overcome by grief

For there are thieves in these waters
And all the ships below
Tell of other pains and sorrows
And travesties to soul
Tales we should be mindful
So that we may never sail
The same course once plot before us
Where the murky waters ail

For now I hold them in my arms
In the hopes of bringing comfort
And I speak truth to their hearts
So they may heal from what they suffer
And as the waves and tides collide
They will not cower, feeling menaced
But will rise, in strength resounding
All set to steer them through the tempest

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