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Globalists attacking the mention of "Colonization", Colonies, Colonists
COLONIZATION"- is the new "dirty" word that the Luciferian Globalists are attacking to spearhead their One World Order demonic philosophy. Colonies go against Satan's plan for a One World Government, One with no borders, no sovereignty, and no freedoms.

The Leftist Dems want you to think the existence, history, and concept of Colonization is "racist", but it isn't. We can see the proof that Globalism is more racist than Colonization, Because Globalism seeks to rule over the whole Earth utilizing the OPINIONS and PHILOSOPHIES of evil, greedy, repressive thinking.

And though it's the White race that they currently target, they've started to reveal their hand. Globalists are removing mention of ethnicities, mentioning Native Tribes of Africa and their history. They claim it's "racist" to depict them in their factual and historical context.

Latin people are told their beautiful language is racist, because it has masculine and feminine words. Spanish, French, and Italian are the "Love Languages" built with understanding the masculine and feminine male and female identity. Gender is part of uniqueness, So is being Male or Female. Globalists want to remove anything that makes any culture or individual UNIQUE or special or Spontaneously DIVERSE, While creating a pseudo-diversity that is actually very racist, dogmatic, and oppressive. and full of Satanic legalism.

Back to Colonization...

You can lend aid to those oppressed or suffering in other nations and still be a sovereign, independent Nation. You don't have to be part of a One World Order to be an ally. In fact, it is America's Nationalism and it's sovereignty that made us the benevolent force needed.

By depicting Colonists, Colonization, and Colonies as racist and evil, it is the first step in removing everything that Colonists created and built. America was founded by Colonists. Colonies built this Nation. America was diverse long before Globalists mandated a narrowminded pseudo-diversity that undermines individuality, freedom of speech and right to live free.

TIME/WARNER/DISNEY is just one LUCIFERIAN, Globalist owned corporation that's attacking the idea of Nations keeping their own sovereignty, especially America. Disney even removed depictions of colonists from their silly Jungle Cruise ride, because the New World Order says "colonization is bad", and showing a headhunter native is :racist", But they did and do exist. For example...

West Papua is still a field of the possibly last surviving tribes in the world engaging in cannibalism. Indeed, the Indonesian Papua is proudly a land of the headhunters – notorious tribal warriors, and there were many alarming cases of strangers being attacked, killed and eaten by the indigenous people. It is part of their occult religion. They believe they get spiritual power from those practices. But Disney has no problem with dark occult figures and stories, and has been infested with magic and sorcery in many of their films and Disney channel shows. It's just the UNIQUENESS that triggers Globalists, not the darkness of something. If it were globalist-conformed darkness, that would be fine and dandy with Globalists.

America began with colonies. Satan hates America, for it was founded on Godly principles. America was colonized by those who were fleeing oppression for practicing Christianity. Colonies are not bad...Globalism is. To go against COLONIES and colonization is to go against God! The Patriarch Abraham was called out of the pagan city of Ur by God. Abraham colonized a holy place, a righteous way to live for God. He could not accomplish that being under the lawlessness and oppression of devil-worshipping leaders of the city of Ur.

Even in the New Testament Bible, in Corinthians 6:17 it says: "Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you."

America was founded on God, the Bill of Rights and Constitution were taken from Godly, Biblical principles and the 10 Commandments.

Bottom line(for now) is that Globalism is very oppressive, it links the term "racist" to things that are NOT, in order to get people to support globalism.

So far, Globalists have attacked :
-Christianity, God, Jesus, The Bible
-Traditional Family
-Morality, Modesty, Decency
-Sovereignty of America and America Nationalism
-US Military
-White People, the white race, anything created supported, or built by white people
-History that mentions anything that defies globalism, such as American colonialism, Founding Fathers
-Home Schooling independent of the Dept. of Ed by Christian parents
-Communities-through "community organization", Urban Sprawl, manipulation of demographics,
-Anything God created such as:
-Make and Female Gender (there are only 2 genders by the way)
-Marriage, which is ordained to be between a Man and Woman only, to represent Christ(Bridegroom) and The Church(Bride), and to create families
-Babies- killing the unborn, making it a "lifestyle choice, one that supports depopulation. Abortion , according to Globalist Luciferians is said to be "responsible and preventing too much carbon footprint".

GLOBALISM IS DEATH...Rotting, putrid death that imprisons and keeps you in bondage. Globalism is EVIL. Globalists are trying to colonize too...a whole planet of indoctrinated, mindless, callous, ignorant robots, Who cannot think for themselves or recognize right from wrong, or their very own imprisonment by their globalist oppressors.

Globalists are pushing a WORLD LEADER right now. Along with a WORLD POLICE. Wake Up people! Do not be intimidated by their accusations of racism, etc. FIGHT for YOUR NATION, Your Family, Your Freedom!

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