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by brom21
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Emotional · #2257268
A special animal is saved by a young teenager who treasures it when almost none does too.
Sierges sat reading his Bible in the firelight of the hearth as it rained. He read the part of the Good Samaritan. He sighed and looked out the window as a flash of lightning strobed. A few minutes later a boom of thunder shook the house. It made him think of the Heavenly temple of God that burst forth with lighting and thunder.

“Mother, when do you think we will have lunch?” said Sierges.

“I think the storm will pass soon.”

Sierges rolled his eyes. “I am anxious to go to the market.”

Sierges turned the coals of the fire and some ashes fluttered into the air. She looked to a small pile of lumber. “We need firewood too.”

Sierges went back to his reading. He smiled warmly and tilted his head as he read of the words of Jesus when He talked of showing good to those who do evil to you and to forgive them.

Sierges read the first chapter of John. He looked up and saw through the window a rainbow arching over the highest tower of the castle of Torinth. The castle tower had spires of pure glistening gold. The flags were sewed of blue silk and silver thread. Jade angels stood in alcoves fixed in the castle walls. All kingdoms were told this so Torinth could boast.

Sierges pulled away from the sight and left. The sent of rain hung in the air as brown birds chirped and fluttered from tree to tree.

People were setting up their kiosks of meat and produce.

Sierges had a satchel hanging across his chest. He whistled as a gale blew his brown air and grey cloak. He went to a booths selling peaches. Sierges felt them one by one as the fuzzy surfaces rubbed his hand.

Feint yelling came from his left. He looked and saw a crowd about a dozen feet away from him. He tossed some coins on the counter, packed some peaches and dashed at the mob of men. When he broke through, he saw men belting a small reptilian creature with crocodile-like mouth with fangs and horns.

“Filthy beast! You are an abomination!” said a man in dirty clothes.

Another man took out a knife and cut what appeared to be a small wing. The creater groaned and fell to its side. Gashes were all over its scaly belly.

Sierges’s heart dropped, and he felt like a cruel knife stabbed his stomach. Sierges ran to the center of the circle of men and stood between it and the man.

“Why are you tormenting this poor creature!”

“It is a dragon! What more reason do you need!” said the man.

“It is an infant and defenseless,” said Sierges.

The baby dragon moaned as blood dripped from its mouth.

“A dragon is the Biblical image of evil,” said the man.

Sierges shook his head. “Is not a goat the image of a false Christian?”

“Dragons devour people,” said the man. “When this little beast grows it will spew fire and cause suffering!”

“I can change that. This is probably the last of its kind. What if we trained it?”

Everyone changed glances and murmured.

“Give me a chance!” Sierges cradled the dragonling.

“What is the meaning of this uproar?” said a voice outside the circle. The men parted as the proconsul stepped in. He gasped. “An actual dragon!”

“Please don’t harm it,” said Sierges.

“You defend this creature?”


“I see.”

The man from before stepped up the proconsul. “This teenager wants to raise it, Proconsul Targess.”

Targess stroked his beard and narrowed his eyes. “Hmm…The Bible says not to punish the children for their father’s sins.

“But this is not a man, Proconsul,” said the man from before.

“God is loving towards all He has made,” said Targess. He put his hands behind his back. “Very, well. The dragonling is in your care, Sierges.”

A broad smile broke out on his face. “Thank you, proconsul!”

Sierges scooped up the limp dragon and ran home down a cobblestone path as people stared at him. He charged into his house. “Mother! Look!”

“A dragon! Where on Earth did you find it?”

“I saved it from a group of violent men. Proconsul Targess let me have him.”

“Do you know how to raise dragon?”

“I will figure it out.”

“Here, help me clean its wounds.” Sierges’s mother took the animal to a tub and rinsed it with a sponge. An hour later it was all bound up and clean. “It needs rest.”

“Yes mother.” Sierges took the little dragon outside to a stable with two cows and a lamb.

“What shall I name you?-something from the Bible…you are a male from the shape of your belly. I know! Joshua!-the Lord is my judge! You have been judged mercifully.”

Sierges put Joshua in an empty trough. It’s wide, doughy dark eyes moved Sierges’ heart with compassion. “You are a darling, little one.”

Joshua nestled into his bed and closed his eyes. Sierges said a brief prayer and then went to his own bed.

Sierges awoke to dishes shattering. He threw off his covers and when out of his room.

“Joshua! No! You are wrecking the kitchen!”

The dragonling cocked his head and blinked his eyes. He jumped on a counter and jumped onto the ground, sharing clayware and glass cups.

A knock came from the front door. Sierges opened it and two men rushed in and grabbed the dragon then carried it out. He ran after the men who were going to a well and submerged Joshua.

“No! Don’t!” cried Sierges. He fought but there was no use. He cried on his knees for each grueling minute. When five had passed, it was done; Joshua had drowned.

“You, brutes!” said Sierges.

“It had to be done. Hmph!” said one of the men as they walked off.

“Lord, I pray I may see Joshua in heaven.”

Sierges trudged away and it began to rain. He wept all the way home.

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