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The idea of being shrunk Is one thing but tiny around your pets is an experience. Enjoy!
Pet Interactions

Lucas stroked his fingers through star's fur and Finn's fur. Patting them gently as they both slept on the couch with him. Lucas smiling see how cute they both were laying there. Lucas loved each of their coats. White fur with silver spots and a black spot under Star's front legs. While Finn's fur was a basic dark grey and white underbelly.

Star was a very beautiful female husky just like Finn. He loved them much more than anything in the world. Star had deep blue eyes and personality anyone would love from a husky. Finn had brown eyes and he loved to cuddle and be affectionate but when it was sleep time, you could never wake him up. Lucas made sure both of them were in top shape and fur always perfect in every way.

Star is intact female and Finn is intact as well. Lucas would like Star and Finn to have pups one day but he's just not ready for it yet. Lucas as separate pens for the both of them when star's heat comes around.

Lucas was a 24 year old male who lived in a small house just outside of town, the town was always cold as he lived in Southern part of town near the border where it always was cold. It was perfect for his pets as they loved the cold but they were thrilled when it snowed.

Lucas was an engineer and scientist. He worked in a lab for 8 hours per day working on new vials or vaccinations for animals and medicines. He loved his job, doing his bit to either save a creatures like or just to ease the pain. Lucas always had a side project he worked on away from work. It was very top secret.

He called it "JF73". All the cases he made were always numbered so he made this case as far into the future so no one got it or ended up in the wrong hands.

JF73 was a shrinking formula, no one would believe him but it was a formula he created and has tested and works but he always wondered to try it on himself. He's always been hesitant but knowing he had a 3 month vacation from work coming up, what better time to test it.

It was Lucas's last day in the lap. He made a few quick adjustments to the JF73 case and gave it a mix. He tested it over through different calculations and everything was sweet. Lucas poured the liquid into a 500ml bottle, sealing the bottle with a lid and throwing it into his bag where his cold water bottle was to keep it cold.

Lucas greeted his follow work colleges as he exited the laboratory and the building out to his car.
Hoping into his old but reliable two door pickup truck. For a fella who has money likes his old cars.

Lucas turning the key, hearing the car struggling to turn over. "You can do it old girl, I know it's cold" He said to his car as he gave the dash a light tap. The starter motor sound quickened before she finally started purred at a perfect idle.

"That's my girl!" Lucas happily smiled as he pulled out of the parking area and headed home. A few minutes passed and Lucas made it home. He turned off the engine of his old pickup. Lucas could hear the happy howls of joy coming from Star and Finn.

Lucas walked up to the door, unlocking it and entering his home. He closed the door behind him and turning around seeing his two husky's waiting side be side near the kitchen counter like Lucas trained them.

Lucas smiled dropping to his knees placing his bags down gently. "Come here you too!" Lucas cheerfully said as he watched there tails way before sprinting towards him. Star licked Lucas's face with joy and Finn nuzzled his muzzle into his chest.

"Oh, yes, I love you too" Lucas giving them both good pats before standing up and taking his bags to his room. Lucas emptied his bags before pulling out a packet that was cold. Lucas smiled unsealed the packet pulling out the 500ml of JF73 shrinking formula.

Lucas carried the case to the fridge placing it in the drawer where his milk was kept. Lucas pulled out a tin of food. Both Finn and Star beside him as he placed the tin of food on the bench. Lucas grabbed there bowls and placing them on the bench, filling them with one scoop of beef and chicken mince.

Lucas carried the bowls back to there water bowls. Placing them back down and walking away before flicking his fingers together allowing the two to start eating away. Lucas pulled out some left over chicken and salad he had the other night.

Lucas placed it in the microwave to warm it up before carrying it to the dinner table. He took a seat and started eating his dinner like he always did every night. Finn and Star cuddled up to each other on there beds. Lucas looked at his calendar making sure Star's heat hasn't come around as its odd seeing them so close but her heat wasn't in a few months.

Lucas shrugged it off for now but he only looked at the day not month. Not realising it was this month and very day she goes into heat.

Lucas finished dinner and cleaned up his plate. Lucas went for a nice hot shower before getting dressed into his pyjamas, he opened the fridge looking at the blue casing. He hesitated and shut the fridge door. Hell try it out tomorrow. Lucas switched off all the lights and gave Star and Finn a light pat before heading off to bed.


Bright sun rays flowed into Lucas's windows. Lucas stirred softly before finally waking up stretching. Lucas walked up to his window seeing the sun rise between the coulda but was still a cold day. Lucas got dressed in some dark green shorts and a black top. Adjusting his hair making sure it waved to the right.

Lucas smiled seeing the two still curled up still sleeping in Star's bed. Lucas made himself a quick sandwich for breakfast before going back to his fridge.

Lucas pulled out the casing JF73. His smile never faded. He grabbed a measuring cup and his work booklet. Heading back to his room. Lucas went through his booklet twice making sure he put the right amount to shrink so far but to grow back to normal in a few seconds.

Lucas poured himself a glass. He looked at the glass as he picked it up. It looked like way to much but check his measurements making sure. Lucas set up a ruler beside a a book so he could measure himself when he shrunk.

"Here we go" Lucas whispered breathing out slowly.

He lifted the glass to his slips before gulping down the liquid. Boy was it sweet. Lucas closed his eyes for a Monet like something hit him, opening his eyes his vision was very blurry. Lucas felt himself drifting off before passing out on his table in his room.

1 hour later

Lucas groaned waking up, his vision still blurry but it all came back quite quickly. He looked around realising his formula actually worked. He stood on his bench, looking down somehow his clothes shrunk with him. He almost screamed in joy. Lucas looked over at the ruler he made, he walked over to it before realising the height he calculated was way off.

Measuring himself at 3/8 of an inch, or 10 millimetres. Lucas started to panic he went over to his his valuations realising he jumped the gun way too much. Drinking way too much had made him 3/8 inch tall and shrunken for 2 days.

Lucas sat on his booklet in horror. His mind was focused on reality realising he was now tiny in a house with two very loved husky's.

Lucas decided to climb down from his table. Using the cord as a way down. He walked out to the middle of his room before feeling large footsteps, Lucas looked up seeing Star at the entrance of his room.

A giant dog. Lucas stayed still but Star sniffing the ground as she entered the room. Lucas shielded his hands in the air as Star walked over him not even seeing him. Star looked for him but no sign of him. Star started to whine softly before turning around to leave. Lucas in shear terror looking up at her towering form over him, Lucas moved out the way before just missing her giant paw as she turned around.

Lucas made a bold decision and yelled out her name. "STAR". Star turned around her ears flickered softly to the sound, she knew it was him. But there was still no sight of him.

Star walked back over to the voice before turning around again. Lucas looked up at her to realise he stood between her back legs. He looked up only to see he glistening canine pussy staring at him.

Lucas gulped looking at it noticing she was in heat, it now occurred to him why Finn had been acting strangely around her and Star's whining.

Lucas went to look away but Star howled and decided to sit down. Lucas was to small to avoid or run from her rear coming down. Lucas watched her pussy come closer before he felt his body press into hot sticky flesh. Her canine lips so hot to touch. Her female cum around her pussy made it more messy that it already was.

Lucas tried to escape but it brought more please to Star. Lucas stuck to the y shaped slit of her swollen pussy. Star felt a tingling feeling in her pussy and lifted her leg bringing her nose to wards her pussy. Lucas looked up seeing her huge muzzle come into view.

Lucas wanted to scream but he watched her giant tongue push him into her hot flesh as she started to clean herself. Lucas screams were muffled unaware that he was inside his very loved dogs pussy, being pushed in by her tongue as she cleaned herself.

Star stopped hearing Finn in the kitchen. Star stopped licking herself and started to walk out of Lucas's room unaware Lucas was inside her. Lucas felt her walking out of his room. Lucas managed to climb his way towards the entrance of her pussy. Lucas pulled himself out only too see Finn sniffing her. Lucas needed to get out of her otherwise he'd be caught up between his two dogs mating.

Lucas managed to slip out of her pussy and falling towards the carpet floor. Both star and Finn rushed outside. Lucas landing with a small thud covered in Stars juices. Lucas looked over seeing the water bowl thinking he could clean himself up. Lucas noticing in erection in his pants. How could he think being inside his canines pussy be arousing. Lucas shook it out of his mind for the moment before dunking himself in the bowl of water before him.

Lucas got out of the bowl of water seeing his clothes were useless now. Stripping down naked now standing cold and naked next to his dogs bed and food bowls. Lucas used there blankets to wipe himself down. Lucas glanced up to the clock seeing it was midday. Lucas heard the door flap open and Lucas hid under some blankets.

He watched Finn enter the kitchen before curing up into his bed, circling around serval times before laying down. There was no sign of Star. Lucas needed to get his dogs attentions surely then he'd protect him.

Lucas come out of hiding and climbed the blankets before climbing his tail. Lucas continued climbing his body till he was directly on his back. Finn felt a sudden itch and moved his jaws to bite it. Lucas immediately jumping to avoid being eaten. Lucas tumbled down his dogs side, over his belly before handing on a soft bit of fur.

Lucas looked around noting a giant set of balls below him, Lucas gulped hard realising he was on his dogs huge shealth. Lucas treaded lightly as he made his way to the tip, not want to annoy Finn and get out of here as fast as possible. Finn started to get aroused and his cock started poke out of his shealth.

Lucas gasping and whispering "No..No" Lucas was going to just jump but his whole world went dark. Lucas nervously looked up seeing a dogs maw apart coming down to lick the ember he was on. Lucas was once again forced against a giant tongue. Finn was licking himself as he got aroused. His cock growing out of his shealth soon to be full erect.

Lucas trying to escape but no use. Pre cum covered him made him slide over the tip before sinking into a crevice.

Lucas unsure what happened before Finn stopped licking to look up at Star now standing in front of him. Lucas looked down realising he was waist deep in his dogs cock slit. He struggled like mad to escape but he was stuck.

Lucas watched Star turn around, lifting her tail up revealing her wet swollen canine pussy to Finn. Finn howled softly before licking her pussy. Star whining softly to his licks. Finn got up from his bed and star moved forward. Lucas struggled to escape but watched from Finn's cock as Finn got behind star.

Finn gave her pussy one more lick before mounting her, shaving his erect cock into her pussy till his balls touched her pussy. Lucas gulped knowing what he got himself into.

Lucas watched Finn raise up and watched Star's pussy get close before feeling her hot flesh push over him and entering her vagina.

Lucas felt himself slip before feeling himself slip down Finn's cock. Lucas screamed as he traveled down his husky's shaft before falling and depositing into his balls that were filled with cum.

Finn started humping star wildly, wanting to give her pups. Lucas didn't even know how he was alive but felt himself being submerged in musky hot dog cum as Finn humped Star.

Star howling with bliss has Finn humped her hard and fast, Star orgasmed sending female cum over Finn's ramming cock. Finn howled before grunting heavily as he pumped the first load into her pussy then the second load through her crevice into her womb, filling her making sure she got pregnant.

Lucas being thrown around like a a rag doll. His body covered in cum before everything went still before his world went white. Lucas felt himself being sucked and sliding up a tube before smacking into a soft but musky wall then feeling hot flesh either side of him squish him together.

Lucas felt each pump of cum that was pumped into Star's womb. Lucas was glad he wasn't ejected into her womb. Lucas layer there squished by walls of Star's vagina and Finn's cock. He knew Finn would be tied together for a while. Lucas closed his eyes waiting but slowly and surely feeling Finn's cock go limp before it started to slowly ease out. Lucas flowed out of Star's pussy with the remaining cum when Finn's cock finally slid out.

Lucas fell to the hard word floor with a splat. Lucas out of breath looking up seeing Star's used again open and dripping of cum and Finn's cock also dripping. Star and Finn start to lick themselves clean.

Lucas tried getting up on to fall down as both Star and Finn's cum was so thick he could barley stand.
Star looked at the puddle of cum seeing a figure more. She tilted her head to the side before barking seeing it was her owner. She barked again happy that she found him.

Lucas was a little startled but he started to drift off to sleep. Lucas tried to fight it but he slowly passed out in the puddle of cum.

Star licked the remaking cum around him before gently taking him in her maw and dropping him into her water bowl. Star laps at him a few times before catching him in her maw. Star places her master on the carpet and watches him closely waiting for him to wake up.

1 hour later

Lucas wakes up. His eyes all blurry again. He rubs his eyes seeing his kitchen. He looked around noticing he was back to normal. Naked still, he looked to the side to see Star and Finn staring at him with a small grin on there faces. Lucas blushed looking at the two. Lucas laid back down and started to laugh to himself knowing what just happened.

Lucas got up and went for a shower. He let the water rush over his body still not believing he survived an interaction with his pets. Lucas started to get an erection about what he just went through thinking just maybe, he could shrink down again for another day of fun.
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