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A lucid dream report.
After a night of melodramatic mental breakdowns... I finally managed to go to sleep as the sun rose. I found myself in a weird place that was half mall - half apartment block. It all seemed normal in the dream. Eventually I upset one of the dream characters and the dream turned into a nightmare. The details of the beginning are faded now but I remember going through various obstacles like a platformer trying to hide from them. After a while my mother appeared in the dream and somehow they poisoned her. I watched her die before my eyes with puke drooling from her mouth like somebody who had taken cyanide. It was very traumatic. It was after that when I remembered my lucid dreaming technique I have been practicing for the last few days (if I feel stressed or anxious I tell myself "this is just a dream" with the same exact words everytime). I became lucid. I had incredible power and I was extremely wrathful with a vengeance from hell. I started using my psychic dream powers against my attackers. I was making their heads explode and their bodies contort into weird seizure positions. After a while of this I woke up and got out of my bed. I was in an apartment that seemed familiar but now realize was entirely foreign. I sat down on the couch and some Buddhist monks walked in through the door chanting in Tibetan. I was in a state of shock and fear but also felt completely safe in an odd way. They stopped chanting and the leader of them stepped forward. "This is still just a dream" he said to me in a thick Asian accent. He grabbed my hand and put his index finger inside of my palm. It went through like a hot knife into butter. They then left but as they walked out the door the last one looked back at me and said a Tibetan mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum. I replied with a Hindu one: Aum Namah Shivaya. Then we bowed to each other and said Namaste. It was after that when I gained absolute control over the dream. I walked around this strange environment knowing it was all mind (not exactly "my" mind though, at least that's the way it felt). I did various things with my newfound power. Moving buildings like Lego blocks with psychic energy and what not. Towards the end I learnt how to fly around like superman. As I was in the air I started tripping *hard* and seeing sacred geometry mandalas. I started to lose my sense of self and went into a meditative trance. Everything turned into fractals. Then ego-death happened... After that I woke up.
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