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by brom21
Rated: E · Short Story · Spiritual · #2257383
A teenager hears a tempestuous sound next door and will find it is more than he imagines.
Norman sat between his parents, bowing as the priest stopped praying. Everyone in the cathedral rose from their seats and filed out through the center aisle. Norman squinted as the sun beamed in as the opened door.

“Father, are things the same now as they were in Jesus’ time?”

“None really knows. I believe God works the same.”

“Do people still do miracles and raise the dead then?” asked Norman.

“Yes, but I believe they are few.”

“Jason, when we get home, we should make a fruit basket for our new neighbors. The mother is quite pleasant,” Norman’s mother said to his father. “Her name is Fie.”

“Good plan, Naomi. When we get home let us introduce ourselves,” said Jason.

As the three walked home, a midsized woman in a blue dress was walking towards them.

“Fie!” yelled Naomi, waving.

Fie’s face lit up and she smiled. When the three met Fie, Jason gave her his hand to her, which she shook.

“This is my sone, Norman and my wife, Naomi.”

“Pleased to meet you,” said Fie.

“I must insist you and your family have dinner at our house soon,” said Naomi.

“That would delight us! Let us converse further at that time. I am needed at the cathedral.” Fie bowed and left.

“She seems like a good soul,” said Jason. He tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. “There is something unique about the woman. More than just a kind heart. Hmm…”

“I felt it too when I first met her but I wasn’t sure,” said Naomi, shrugging. “I have it get things for the fruit basket. I will see you two at home.”

Jason and Norman made their way to their stone house. The two entered the wide inner room with a long hearth and three cushioned red chairs in front of it. The ceiling was high with long wooden support beams and a stone staircase leading to a loft with three doors.

Jason sat on a chair and stared into the fireplace. He put his fist to his chin, looking to be in thought. He remained that way until Norman roused him.

“What are you thinking about father?”

“What? Oh, yes.” Jason cleared his throat and looked at Norman. “I am still pondering our good neighbor Fei and her family. I cannot figure it out. There is something they are not making clear, not that they are hiding anything, but I felt strange peace and joy that crept up on me when I met Fie.”

The door to the house opened and Naomi came in with a sack of fruit and put it on the kitchen counter, “I will start dinner.” She approached a pot looked beneath it. “Norman, get some more wood for the boiling pot.”

Norman walked outside to their stable was. He went to a pile of lumber against the border of the wooden enclosure.

The wooden wall buckled and vibrated like a storm had coalesced next door; he heard wind pushing against the wall. Norman backed away. The sound continued for several seconds longer.

Norman dashed back inside with a flush face. “Mother, father! Something is happening next door!”

“Calm down. What is the matter?” said Naomi.

“I heard a loud sound next door from our new neighbors!”

“What sound?” asked Jason.

“It was like a tornado was coming from their house.”

Jason jumped to his feet and dashed outside.

“It is no use. It stopped,” said Norman.

Jason halted. “I will see what is happening tomorrow. Let us eat dinner now.”

Norman took a deep breath. “Very well.”

That night the three had steak, porridge, carrots and boiled potatoes with butter.

Norman went to bed wondering what the sound was. He fell asleep and dreamed of standing outside looking at his new neighbors’ house with a bright light shining from an open door. Norman’s eyes were wide and his jaw agape. His head tingled and the light was hypnotizing. He approached the open door full of brilliant shining illumination. Before he entered, he awoke.

Norman sat up and looked out his window at the kingdom castle. Sunrays bursting through white anvil shaped clouds made him sigh.

Norman dressed and went downstairs to a tempting breakfast of poached eggs, sausage and oats on a table.

Norman sat and stared at his plate.

“What is the matter, Norman?” said Naomi.

Norman looked up. “I had a strange dream.”

“Would you like to tell us?” said Jason.

Norman shook his head. “It is not important.” He took a deep breath and ate.

Afterwards, Norman could not contain his curiosity. He rose. “Father, may I visit next door?”

“You want to break the ice, son? As you wish.”

Norman rushed outside. He stood before his neighbors’ door and put his hand up to knock but stopped. “Could I be in danger?” he said to himself. He shook himself and knocked on the door.

A tall, smiling man answered the door. “Hello, lad. Can I help you?”

“Yes, may I come in? I am your neighbor.”

“Of course.” Norman sat on a wooden stool and the man did too.

“I will be forthcoming. What was that windy sound from your house last night?”

The man paused. “Vey well. That’s sound was the presence of God.”

“What?” Norman said with a raised eyebrow and a tilted head.

The man stood and picked up a Bible and brought to the lad. “Read this, son.”

Norman was given and open a bible and the man pointed at a verse.

Norman red aloud: “And suddenly, there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.”

“Just as it was in the day of the apostles, so is it now.”

Norman smiled. It was just like his father thought and more. What other spiritual tings did this man know? Norman questioned about many such subjects until nightfall. Norman rose and stretched. “Thank you, sir. I am finally satisfied.”

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