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a continuation of my series
Mia grabbed Katrina’s hand, her palm sweaty, as they walked up the steps to a different suite than the one they usually sat in. Mia couldn’t even dare to look at the suite that she’d found the note in. She hoped Rocco would leave her alone, at least for tonight. Zeke might not be so lucky, since he had to deal with him on the ice.

She let Katrina go in first to make sure the coast was clear. When Katrina confirmed that it was safe, Mia stepped inside and closed the door behind her.

This suite didn’t look any different from other suites the arena had, except for the purple comfy chairs added in the corner. Mia had remembered that the suites would be getting an upgrade with these chairs, but so far, this was the only one.

She took her seat at the end of the table and patted the chair next to her, offering Katrina to join her. However, Katrina didn’t see the gesture; she was too busy watching Zeke snap at a player on the ice. That had to be Rocco. She mumbled a curse under her breath, knowing that Rocco once again had gotten under Zeke’s skin.

“C’mon, Zeke, don’t let him get to you. You have a game to play.”

Mia heard Katrina’s comment and glanced out to see what she was talking about. Yep, her suspicions were right: Rocco was talking to Zeke.

She prayed that Zeke didn’t respond with a fight, he had a rookie to look out for. And she hoped that Rocco wouldn’t also get to Lukas. Lukas hadn’t dealt with a player like Rocco before.
Zeke’s anger flared as Rocco made yet another comment to him about wanting to have sex with Mia. Why couldn’t the guy shut up about it? That wasn’t happening so he needed to drop it.

“Shut up, Bancroft! I know how much you want my sister but that isn’t happening.”

Rocco spat at the ice near Zeke’s feet and snickered as Zeke glared at him.

“Oh, why not, Zeke? Are you saving her for someone else, perhaps?”

Zeke had no time to deal with Rocco’s foul mouth, so he rolled his eyes and skated away. He nearly ran over Lukas in the process.

“Sorry, kid! Didn’t see ya there.”

Lukas shrugged.

“It happens, Captain. I’ve done that before too.”

He flickered his eyes over to Rocco and then back at Zeke, asking a silent question to his mentor.

Zeke sighed and placed a hand on Lukas’s shoulder, his grip firm.

“He’s one of the players you need to look out for, kid. He hasn’t always been kind to rookies.”

Lukas had dealt with similar types of players before, but not at this level. He silently thanked Zeke for giving him a warning.

“I guess I’ll need to watch my back, huh?”

Zeke nodded and patted Lukas’s back.

“Yeah. I’ll be on line with you though so maybe he’ll focus on me more than you. He hates my guts.”

Lukas didn’t ask Zeke any questions, knowing he’d get the answer later in the game, but he silently wondered if Mia had anything to do with it. He looked at Rocco one more time before skating away with his captain.

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