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a continuation of my series
Jax pulled the hood more upright on his head and let out a shaky breath as he reached the visitors entrance. He scanned the area to make sure no one was suspiciously watching him before pulling open the heavy door. He slid his hand along the door to make sure it shut with very little sound. Once it was shut, he made his way down the hallway.

Fire burned through the blood in his body. With his jaw clenched and the fast way he walked, anyone who spotted him might think he was out for blood. Which, he was.

Halfway down the hallway, Jax got the perfect view of Rocco skating on the ice. Rocco’s loud, dark laughter reached his ears and his fists tightened. Rocco found scaring Mia so funny, didn’t he?

Before he could take another step, a hand on his arm pulled him back.

“What are you doing here, Jax?”

Jax yanked his arm away and swirled around to see Frankie, someone he’d once played with on a junior hockey team.

“Why should I tell you?”

Frankie stepped back at the hostile tone in Jax’s voice and he held a hand up in surrender.

“Whoa, easy Jax. Rocco’s just practicing.”

Jax gritted his teeth even tighter as he again shot a glare in Rocco’s direction.

“He’s getting his ass kicked tonight. That little prick.”

Frankie knew exactly why Jax was so angry. He’d seen Rocco with Mia at lunch that day. He knew what Rocco had done to her in the past. He’d heard time and time again Rocco’s loud rants and rambles about how “overprotective Zeke is of Mia.” Frankie had seen it all and, although he never said it to Rocco, his behavior sometimes left Frankie wanting to throw up.

Frankie often had silent conversations in his head about leaving the team. Maybe moving back to Zeke’s team. He’d never had a problem with Zeke or Mia, but Rocco’s charm had left him defenseless. The amount of times that Frankie wanted to tell Rocco off were uncountable. He never did, too scared of losing his childhood best friend.

“I don’t blame you,” he breathed out, his hands shaking against his jean pockets.

Jax’s look quickly switched from anger to confusion and surprise. He hadn’t been expecting that. After all, he’d seen Zeke and Frankie get into plenty of fights on the ice, mostly because of Zeke going after Rocco.

“You what?”

Frankie grabbed Zeke’s arm and pulled him down a secret quiet room that Rocco had never been in before. He locked the door behind him and leaned up against it.

“Jax, you don’t understand. Rocco’s behavior disgusts me. The way he treats Mia makes me want to puke into the nearest garbage can. It’s disgusting how he thinks she’s charmed by his advances. He’s nothing but an arrogant prick and when I was watching him interact with Mia today, I wanted her to slap him so badly. I was glaring at his back the entire time.”

He said that last part so quietly that he didn’t think Jax heard him, but Jax had better hearing than most people thought.

Disgust came slithering out of Frankie’s mouth with every word he spoke and by the end, he was breathing heavily, the same kind of angry breathing Jax had done earlier.

“He’s lucky I didn’t go to the police when he left that note and knife in Mia’s suite. I warned him that it wouldn’t go over well, but it went in one ear and out the other. He didn’t catch me watching Mia and Katrina go into another suite. When he was trash-talking Zeke during their fight, he was so confident that Mia would like his present. He doesn’t know that Mia didn’t get it. Sometimes I don’t want to touch him with a ten-foot pole but I do it because it’s so hard to let go of someone you’ve known since childhood. He’s lucky that no one on your team has threatened to meet him in the streets.”

Jax grabbed Frankie’s shoulders to keep him from falling down with how much he was shaking. He couldn’t believe Frankie would break the bond between him and his best friend but that pent up anger and disgust wasn’t fake. Frankie didn’t want to be around Rocco any more than Mia did.

“You want to leave this team, don’t you?”

Frankie slid down the door and nodded, taking in large gulps of air, trying to slow down his racing heart.

Jax knew that at some point, he had to get Frankie alone with him and Zeke, but now wasn’t the time.

“Look, I’m going to talk to Zeke later, but right now, I need you to keep faking being Rocco’s friend. I need you to keep thinking that how he treats Mia is okay. I need you to keep going along with it. We’re going to make a plan to get you away from him.”
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