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summer in Korea is not for the faint of heart
Korean Summer Time Blues

The Korean summer
Is not for the faint of heart

The Korean summer
Comes on
With a blast of heat
And humidity
As the Monsoons flood the land

Then in July and August
The whole country
Becomes a giant sauna
95 degrees heat
95 percent humidity

The heat dome settles down
On the land
Suppressing everything
With the unrelenting heat

Perhaps a foretaste of hell
On earth
24/7 pure misery

People try to cope
With the heat
As best they can

Hoping at some point
That the summer
With it hellish overtones
Will slowly fade away
Into memories

As the cooling of autumn
Continues the annual cycle
Ending the hellish heat

Just another Korean summer
Another month long
sauna experience
to endure

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