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A vamp in a wolves den.
Caitlan stood looking down at the man lying on the office floor, his glassy eyes immobile, his mouth opened wide for a scream that would never come. Her crimson eyes were suddenly drawn to the small mole by his right ear, and her breath rushed out in anger. Even with all of the blood on his face it stood out accusingly. "This is a mistake." she uttered in frustration. Despite her abilities she had become so absorbed in her pursuit that she was unaware of the other man who was now standing in the shadows behind her.

Within a moment, she flew around, her hand gripping his throat, as she held him up in the air while she stared at his face. "A twin, I see. Well of course..." she snarled as her bloody mouth opened with elongated incisors.

"Stop!! It's just a trick! We're all the same here! There's hundreds of us in the main room!" The man was scared but truthful, she sensed the honesty behind his fear.

"What is this human? Out with It!" she snarled.

"They thought you might come...They planned everything for you. They cloned him; it's not perfect, but we're all clones here...I have no idea if he's even here."

It didn't make sense. Her mark was here! The organization said he was here!

She threw the man against the far wall in disgust, his body falling into the shadows surrounding them.

But then it stood up with golden eyes and laughed. As it quickly grew in the shadows, the others behind it growled in hunger.

She stood staring on in shock at her only exit, and for the first time... afraid.

How did I miss this?

"Our turf, our food." Came from behind her.

A tear fell as the wolves dove on her.

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