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Journey of a woman who has left behind that happy little girl that she once used to be
Finding the happy little girl

Born as a girl, in a world filled with love,
My mother and father gave me a hug
They wiped my tears and made me laugh
They pledged to give me everything with all their heart

As I grew, they took my hand and showed me the world
They scolded me, for my mistakes, hiding under an affectionate cover
I became bold and fierce and learnt to live on my terms
While they taught me to stand for myself and respect others.

Then came the day, when I found my soulmate
It was now time for them to let me chose my way
Celebrating my wedding, they laughed and cried
Teary eyed, they gave me away

Entering into the new world with excitement,
Little did I know I was not my parents' little girl anymore
Amidst being burdened with responsibilities,
I continued smiling to the new world, while hurting my soul

Drowning myself in the pool of society's conservative terms
I wiped my tears and made myself laugh,
The boldness and fierceness had now taken a new turn
No more was this a quality, keeping silence is what I learnt

Oh dear Lord! Take me back to being that little girl,
I will pray for that day to come
When the society will understand our feelings,
And let us enjoy our freedom!

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