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by janaya
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the issues that no one sees
I have demons that want to come out and play, I have scars that shouldn't be explained, I have insecurities that won't go away I have fears that tont me at night, I have imperfections I'm not proud of, I have a past that constantly tears my future apart, I push people away that get to close, I build up to many walls, I rarely speak my mind for fear of saying something wrong. I constantly live life on the edge, some days I wanna live others I don't, I seem to be strong and brave but behind closed doors I cry myself to sleep, I love too easily and lose too fast, I can be an emotional disaster, I'm anti-social, I'm a roller coaster that comes off its tracks I over worry about everything, I'm hard to love because I have been hurt so many times I don't let people in, I fight hard for the people and things I care about the most.
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