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by janaya
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what is home, how do you know when you found it
What is home, a person, a place, a feeling? What makes those things home? Many believe it's as simple as love, others believe it is all feelings that you get when you are there or with those people. They all are right in their ways. As a place, you feel safe can be the house you live in. This is most commonly your home. As a feeling, it's something you do to feel at home. As a person, it's someone you can be around and not have to hide who you truly are. Someone who you make memories with. This can be family, special friends, or your other. No matter what home is to you, make sure you have it. For as long as I can remember I always referred to my house as home. For I did feel as though it was my home. This lasted till I was about 13 when I started feeling this way about other places. With so much changing I was glad to have a good place to come back to. The people, my friends, and my lover have made me feel at home wherever we happen to be. Then I moved and my house was no longer home. I refused to call my new house my home. For it has no memories and does not make me feel like the old one did. It's not like I didn't feel at home, it's just being in a new place that's all. The flight back toward the old home could not have come soon enough. While there I realized that I took a lot of granite. I cherished everything a lot more when it was no longer my norm. Getting to go through the streets that I once had so many memories of was hard but necessary. That house I had once lived in that was now a part of my past, now seems to be just a place full of memories. The day we drove past it made me realize that it was way more than that, even though I didn't live there it will always be a part of me. The places that I used to go to will always remind me of the people I chose to be around and the things we used to do. My home has different meanings, for instance, just the other day I was walking through my new house and I realized as memories are being made here it makes me get the home feeling. I have many homes, places, people, even just surroundings. Never take your home for granted. I guess that's why your friends that make you feel at home are called your homies, never neglect them. Always know where your home is and always visit as often as you can, for you might not feel the same way about it after time. Love with all your heart and never be afraid of your past, never be afraid to make new memories.
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