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by brom21
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A terminally afflicted King will find solace from a mysterious faith.
King Thayne rode on his grey-white horse through the Wispy Forest, sighing as he smiled at tiny birds chirp and squirls scamper up trees. Sunrays broke through the canopy of leaves making patches of light on the leafy ground. Soon all this beauty would be lost to him. It was to be for months.

King Thayne turned his mount around and sped off in the opposite direction. The trees, bushes and tall grass started to thin out as he exited the forest and entered his kingdom of Rathmore. The citizens waved to him as he made his way across the drawbridge into the immense castle.

He dismounted and a servant took his horse.

A man in a blue, silk robe neared the king. “My Lord, how was your ride?”

“Gratifying, Noblemen Nix.”

“If I may say so, my liege, you need to set a date to coronate your son.”

Thayne looked down and raised his eyebrows in sadness.

“Forgive me, lord, I know your affliction weighs heavily upon you.”

“I am afraid of death, good nobleman. The physicians say I have a month to live.”

Nix put a hand on Thayne. “None, know what lay beyond the grave, Lord.”

“So, I have heard,” said the king. “I hope no one else ever gets wounded by a manticore as I was.”

“Like dragons, phoenixes and sea serpents, all magical beasts are dying out. Soon such dangers will cease to be.”

“Good,” said the king as he straitened his back and walked to the golden door, leading to the throne room. Inside, the chamber was full of royalty. All present bowed as the king sat on his throne. He nodded and the people conversed. He put a fist to his chin and thought. How he would miss all his kin and subjects!

A messenger rushed to King Thayne. “My Lord, your son has been stung by a manticore!”

Thayne jumped to his feet. “When! How! He knows the Blighted Lands are now forbidden.”

“The beast was found in the Wispy Forest. They must be migrating.”

“My son, no!” the king began tearing.

“My Lord there is hope. The trappers have caught the foul creature and the physicians say they can make an antidote if they extract its poison.”

King Thayne’s face broke into a wide smile. “Truly! Then we are saved!”

“My Lord, there is only enough poison for one dose of medicine.”

Thayne’s face frowned and he fell back onto his throne. He stood, poised with head held high. “Let my son have it. Lead me to him.”

The messenger led the king outside the chamber and to the west wing where the hospital was.

He lay on a cot groaning.

“Nathaniel, my son. All will be well.”

Nathaniel did not answer.

An old man in a grey mantle neared Nathaniel with a vile of blue liquid and administered it.

“He will be fine in a day,” said the man.

Thayne smiled. As he walked away, another messenger approached him. “My Lord there is a man you should see. He says he is a priest of a new god that gives life after death.”

Thayne tilted his head. “Hmm…take me to him.”

The king was led to a room where a man in a sackcloth robe stood with bright eyes. He bowed.

“I hear you come proclaiming a new god, one that gives eternal life after death.”

“Not just a god, the one and only God. A thousand years ago, He came as a man to die for our sins against His Father.’

“There is something about you, sir,” said the king.

“That is the Spirit of God inside me you sense. Would you be willing to submit to Him for forgiveness everlasting life?”

Thayne’s whole world stopped, and he felt caught in a moment of epiphany. Time stood still.

“The cycle of life on Earth will end but a new and grander one awaits,” said the priest.

A still presence fell over the king, and he began to weep. “I do willingly pledge fealty to your God.”

As he spoke these words, it was like he was being reborn to a true life essence. He looked up and narrowed his eyes. From this day forward, I proclaim the true God to be the one and only deity to serve.”

Nathaniel raised himself and looked around. “Where am I?”

The king went to his son’s cot. “All is well, son. You have been given a medicine that will cure you.”

Nathaniel sighed and exhaled. “That is a relief but, what about you?”

“I have great news. I have found the true God who grants life after death.”

Nathaniel raised his eyebrows. “What?”

“Rest now. I will explain later.”

The priest neared the king and pulled out a small black book. “There is one last thing. This book will guide you into all wisdom and knowledge of God and the stories of His saints.”

“Thank you, priest.” He smiled and laughed. “Let the coronation of my son be tomorrow!”

When Nathaniel had recovered, the main hall was full of decorations like banners, ribbons, and bows. Guitars and flutes played harmoniously with horns and drums.

Nathaniel kneeled before his father, holding a crown. “Do you swear to do justice, grace, mercy, honor and compassion to your subjects?” he said.

“I do,” said Nathaniel.

“Most importantly, will you uphold the love and law of God?”

“I do.”

“I henceforth crown you king of Rathmore. Arise!”

“All hail king Nathaniel!” lauded the people.

Soon after, his father died, and his body was burned in front of the inhabitants of the kingdom.

“The cycle of kings will go on until the final culmination of the end of Earth,” said the priest to Nathaniel. “He has undergone the great change we believers will all experience.”

Nathaniel looked to the heavens and shed a tear. “I will see you again father along with our God and savior!”

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