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This is gonna be a foot fetishist and other kinks story, don't read it if youdon't like it
(This story is located after All Might VS All for One so he can't go in his muscle form for too much, unless...) You've always loved All Might's feet, you wanted to worship them for 5 years, but you never had the possibility... but, you think that the moment has arrived, your quirk will help you a lot. All Might was sitting in the classroom after the lessons finished and was reading a book with the shoes on the desk, you were going to the bathroom before going to the dorms, you noticed that situation, you got the courage and entered the classroom. Good afternoon, All Might.
All Might: Good afternoon, what are you doing here? You should go to your dorm.
Yeah, I was going to the bathroom and taking a walk around the school before going *you silently sniff his shoes* \POV: Wow, their smell is wonderful/
All Might: oh ok, why you came here? Do you want to ask me something?
Well, actually yes \in case he'll say no, I'll use my quirk/ how can I say it... uhm.... I've had a little fetishism for your feet for a long time, since I guess you are... pretty tired, I wanted to ask you if I could.... worship your.... feet...?
All Might: is that all? There's absolutely no problem with that, everyone have their fetishism and if needed should tell it, close the door and you can start right now if you want.
R-really? C-could I call you master..? You can call me your slave... \I can't believe this is actually happening, without using my quirk too, awesome/
All Might: sure, I guess that can work out, we can do this every after lesson if you want... slave.
Yes, yes master.
All Might: now you can get to work, start to take off my clothes and sniff them.
Sure master *as he says the command, you do it, after taking off his shoes you start to sniff them*
All Might: then? How do they smell?
They smell so bad, I love it *you put the shoes under you so that the smell can go all the time in your nose* *you start to massage his socks*
All Might: I was just going to ask that, you're pretty good.
T-thanks master.
All Might: ya know what? Do what you want with my feet till my next command.
I'll do it master! *you start to sniff those socks* wow, they're so hot.... *you start to lick the socks and suck the toes trough it* \Finally after all these years, my dream came true...!/
*after 30 minutes*
All Might: Woah, I never felt all this relax, it's starting to get hot, my feet are sweating, wanna take off those socks and put them in your mouth? *He take off his shirt since it's getting really hot*
\Wow, he so hot... his armpits, his abs, I bet his abs in his muscle form would be really really sexy, it's sad the fact that he can't turn into that form anymore, unless.. well I'll think about it later, time to get back to work./ *you take off his shoes, before putting them in your mouth, you put those really really close to your nose to sniff all their beautiful smell* \so fucking hot.... I would stay like this forever.../ *you put his socks in your mouth, when you put them in your mouth all their smell goes in your body, even in your dick...*
All Might: good job slave, sense all of my smell, it's the only thing you'll sense from now on, now start to lick my sole, pass your tongue trough my toes and suck them, I want them to be all clean in 20 minutes.
Yes master! *you follow his command and start to lick his sole* they smell like someone who helped a lot of people but never got a truly relax moment....
All Might: oh so you finally are sensing my truly smell.
Yes master. *you start to use your tongue to clean those toes* \THAT REALLY TURNED ME HYPER ON/ *you start to suck them*
*after 40 minutes*
All Might: wow, seems like I fell asleep for more 20 minutes, you did a very great job, wanna see your first reward?
Yes.. master, always.
All Might: alright then lay down close to me
Sure master! *you do as he said*
All Might: nice, now... *he moves the seat in your direction, he starts to ink his feet and dirt them with the floor, after doing that for 3 minutes* your reward is coming! *he put his feet on your face* you know what to do, start to do it.
Omg, yes master! *you first start to sniff them then with a tongue circle you start to clean the sole and the toes*
*10 minutes later*
Finished, master!
All Might: nice slave, drink this, it will get your body clean from all the dirt you eated.
Yes Master, it really means a lot *you pick the drink and start to drink it* ok did it
All Might: how do you feel now?
Really good, thanks.
All Might: nice, now *put his toes in your mouth and put off his socks from your mouth*
*you start to lick them with your tongue* \Omg this is so much hot, I-i think I'm going to cum from too much hotness..../ *he then move the toes out of your mouth and put the other sole there* \this is so fucking good, goddamn./ *you lick it with all the passion you have, you then move his feet as you want and lick them
*after 1 hour*
All Might: now get up slave.
Yes master! *before you get up entirely, he open your mouth and throw all of his saliva in it* \this is so good omg/
All Might: I guess you're liking it a lot, now *put his hands next to your mouth* sniff, lick my hands ad suck my fingers, now.
Yes Master, I'll do it immediately *you start to sniff his hands* \wow, they smell like his cock, I really like it./ *you start to lick the hand and suck the fingers, after you finish, you start to do it in the other hand and so on for 2 hours*
*2 hours later*
*he fell asleep again so u start to lick his legs* \so so so so, smexy../
*after 10 minutes*
\his cock really is huge... I bet he'll don't mind if I.../ *you start to lick the dick through the boxer*
*after 20 minutes*
\it's time of THAT moment/ *you take off his boxer and start to touch his dick* \this is so hot...../ *as long as you touch the dick, it gets harder* \wow.... this is very very huge/ *you start to lick and suck the cock while he's sleeping*
*after 2 minutes*
\omg he's cumming/ *you close the eyes and eat all the cum that is coming, after that you continue to suck it and move it up and down*
*after 1 hour*
All Might: *wakes up* wooooah, I knew you would do that, that was pretty good, you're very good at doing this, now I think it's the moment.
The moment for what?
All Might: *transform into his muscle form, his dick gets harder again and his abs start to grow, after that* I drinked something before this that let me use my muscle form for even one day, you have all the time *he picks your hair, open your mouth, throw his saliva in it, lets you drink it and then put your mouth in his dick to suck it and goes up and down*
\Omg he's doing it! His hand is pretty huge, he's so hot and sexy.../
*After 3 hours of licking and sucking his balls and dick*
All Might: now, you need to clean something else.
All Might: *pulls your hair close to his abs* do it.
Yes master. *you start to lick, suck and kiss his abs*

*after 14 hours, during that time you secretly came with him to his house so that you can continue*

All Might: now... *put his huge hands on your face and let you suck his fingers one by one, each hand*
*2 hours later*
All Might: *throw a lot of saliva into you*
Can I stay here forever master daddy?- \omg what did I said/
All Might: oh you called me Daddy? Well I mean, I knew you would do that *he puts you behind his ass and force you to lick it*
*after some other hours, the night came and you both fell asleep in that position*
*the next morning*
*you wake up and see that he became skinny version again, you start to suck his cock and balls till 10:00, he's still sleeping. *you start to lick, kiss, suck and sniff his feet*
All Might: *wakes up at 13:00* wow, seems like you already did the breakfast and the lunch, now it's way too late to go to school, oh and also, remember the question you asked me yesterday?
Y-yes master?
All Might: Well, I accept, from now on you will be my puppy, my slave, a submissive, you'll do everything I say and if you don't follow my commands you'll get a punishment, sounds good to you?
All Might: good puppy *headpat with his hand and stands up* I now have to go to a riunion, if you are hungry there is some "milk" in the fridge and there are lots of socks
*after preparing for work*
All Might: I now have to go, oh wait I have an idea *take off his shoes, take off the socks he used to wear, throw them in your face, put on again shoes* so that when I'll come back, my feet will be even smellier.
Yes master
All Might: alright then, see you later, slave
*after he goes away you go to the kitchen and open the fridge to see the "milk"*
*you picks a bottle and drink it* oh my god, it's cum, there's saliva too, this is the paradise *after drinking cum and saliva for 1 hour you stop since you're not feeling good so you start to search for something, you find his bedroom and there is a potion* "potion for slaves"? DID HE REALLY DO ALL OF THIS? He will be my daddy, my master, forever... *you go to the bathroom and see that there's a cum container and a lot of shirts, pants, boxers, socks and shoes, everything already used* oh my lord this house is the entire paradise, I will stay here forever *you go really close to those things and after doing things with them for like 4 hours..* All Might is gonna be here in like 6 hours so I still have all the time, also.... *you take off your clothes, break them, throw them out of the window and start to wear All Might's shirt, boxers, pants and shoes to have his smell on you everyday, then you continue to do things*
*after 5 hours and 59 minutes you remember that all might is gonna be there in seconds so u with some socks in the hands, goes to the living room and after sniffing where he sat before leaving, you sits on the floor beside the bed waiting for him*

*after some minutes*

All Might: Slave, I'm ba- oh you're already here, I guess you already found everything, well, wanna do it before eating dinner?

Y-yes master daddy!!!!

All Might: alright then *starts to undress throwing everything in your face and letting you lick and smell his shoes before starting* the party is starting again. This is gonna be so fun.

*you start to lick and sniff his super smelly feet* yes, absolutely, Master. *during that you have his socks on your nose and still his clothes on*

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