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This is a foot, hand, fetishist story, if you don't like this thing, don't read it
The professor Aizawa was sleeping in his classroom since the last class started, everyone was talking but you, you were intensely looking at him without anyone noticing, his hands were really close to his dick, you could see it, his shoes were close to exit from the desk, they seems pretty smelly and sexy, after lessons finished everyone went to their dorms but you faked to go, it was your moment, there was a sleeping beauty literally sleeping in front of you, you were thinking how to move his hands without him waking up, then he moves his hands on the desk
\well, atleast I didn't do anything/ *you delicately touched his hands, they smell so bad, his clothes too, you then placed his hand on your face, it was very big comparated to your face, you start to gently lick and sniff his hands, they were handsome, he was still sleeping, meaning that he wasn't noticing you doing that, so you continued, you started to suck his fingers, they were long with perfect nails, you started to lick them too* \this is so good, I hope he doesn't wake up/

*after 1 hour of licking, sucking and smelling his \*

\Is he waking up? Sht, I need to hide/ *you hide behind a closet* \hope he doesn't finds me.../

Aizawa: *wakes up* hm? What time is it? *When he was picking the phone he noticed that his hands were really weird* why they seems like that got just licked? Meh. Still 14:20? I still have plenty of time to sleep before going home *he turn off the phone and put his shoes on the desk* there it is, now I'm more relaxed, even if I should be more, relaxed... *get up to see if someone was there, there was no one so he closes the door* so they will think that no one's there *he sits back again but this time he's taking of his shoes, after he placed the shoes next to the desk, he put his feet with the socks on the desk and after 10 minutes falls aspleep again*

*you leave yourthe hiding spot and goes back to Aizawa's desk* \wow I really got lucky this time/ *you pick his shoes, sit on the floor next to desk and start to sniff those* \wow they smell so bad, it's wonderful/ *you start to lick them too* \I will make them clean/

*after 20 minutes*

\perfect, now I'll start to do the most dangerous thing.../ *you get close to the desk, you put your nose into his socks and start to smell them* \omg they are so sweat, what does he do all the time?!/ *you starts to lick and suck those socks*

*after 1 hours you finished and started to watch the feet intensely to get "hypnotized" by those godlike feet*

*After 20 minutes*

*you takes off his socks, you see that they still smell like him so you put them in your mouth* \their smell is really hypnotizing/ *you start to lick his feet and suck his toes for more than 5 hours, after that he starts to wake up, you take off his belt, his pantss and somehow he go back to sleep* \phew, that was clos- wow.... his dick is huger than All Might's one/ *you start to lick his dick, pick your hand and move his dick up and down, when he starts to cum you put the dick in your mouth* \that was a really hot cum, wow/ *you sees that there is a lot of saliva in his mouth so you open it and throw it in your mouth, after 2 hours of sucking, licking and sniffing everything, even his abs he starts to wake up so you lick one last time his feet, his hands and run away with his pants, his socks and his shoes, no one was there fortunately.*

Aizawa: *wakes up* WTF? \sht, why am I nude? WHERE ARE MY PANTS? MY SOCKS, MY SHOES! WHY IS THE DOOR UNLOCKED/ *sigh* fortunately there's no one here, what should I do now? My house is not that distant... oh right, I forgot about it *picks the pants he had in his bag and wear them with everything else* the only problem now are the shoes and the socks, meh, I'll wash me anyway, I should run too *he leaves the classroom*

*you see him running so you hide in a place his clothes*

Aizawa: *since he's not seeing where he's running he run into you and his feet get on your face*

\I should do it fast/ *you starts to lick and smell his dirty feet till he realize what just happened*

Aizawa: *open his eyes* wtf? Oh I'm so sorry *he didn't noice that u were licking his feet, by accident he put his toes in your mouth and you lick them as fast as you can to make them clean*

Could you... let me get up atleast?

Aizawa: oh yeah right, sorry *he kicks with his foot you with noticing*

Sorry if I ask but... why are you without socks and feet...?

Aizawa: uhm, I did yoga and I lost my shoes

What about the socks?-

Aizawa: *activate his quirk* and put a foot on you* listen, that's not your problem, alright? *move the foot on your nose without noticing*

Y-yes da-- Aizawa-sensei

Aizawa: that's what I thought *when he put off the feet off your face his mouth remain *stuck in his feet*

WTF, what did you do?! Help me!!! \Omg this is a dream, he is unconsciously letting me worship his feet/

Aizawa: I don't know what happened! *when he tries to let you off his feet he hits you with the foot without noticing, he puts the hands next to the feet to help the foot to get out of your mouth*

*you, when he's trying to help you, lick his fingers*

Aizawa: finally! Got to go now, don't talk anyone about this, we never saw something, ok?

Yes. That was horrible

Aizawa: *he passes on your face and you do a last lick*

\omg I can't believe this happened, I hope this will happen more often...!!!/ *you get up, pick his clothes and start to go.*

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