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I say aloud - it's allowed!
I'm twenty one and I think
The rules say that I can drink!
I'll call my friends, we'll have a party
We'll say 'cheers' good and hearty!

Piled in the car, we're on our way
They're out-of-tune singing 'Happy Birthday!'
Oh, we're here! Let's get a table
I'm going to chug till I'm unstable!

What's this? My friend is having a fight
My goodness, is the waiter tight?
Why are they yelling, why all the drama?
Why is he shouting 'I'll call your Mamma?'

What, oh what, is the matter?
You'll serve us just food, on a platter?
You won't give us any alcohol?
We're 21, you know, one and all.

Really? A new notice, yesterday?
And what, pray, did it say?
What? What? I'll burst into tears!
Revised rules mean I wait four more years!


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