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A vignette written for the Rising Stars Summer Camp
The bodies spread out behind her, some with bones jutting out at unnatural angles, some mutilated beyond recognition. Some could be sleeping, they looked so peaceful. Before her, a path stretched out. At the end of that path, a point. A shard of space, promising new life. It pulsed at a normal rhythm, matching her heartbeat. Golden smoke curled off of it, making delicate shapes in the air. She’d been here before, in her mind, in her dreams. It was different, not in look but in feeling, yet it was so similar at the same time. The birth and death of a thousand worlds had seen this point, gods had trembled before its power before being cast into hell, a life punishment for unnatural deeds. All had come to pass as it should have, and all ended eventually. Except for this. This was eternal, this was unbreakable, and she would be too if she had the courage to take it. A single tear made its way down her frozen face, perhaps at the beauty, perhaps out of fear. Perhaps because of the sorrow, so complete, inside the depths of her. She wasn’t one for words, but if she was, she would be at a loss. She’d gotten here of her own means, not by skill, but because she had to. It was dealt in her cards, written in her story. The universe stood still, silently observing this moment, and for a moment, time stopped. All she had to do was reach out...

Word count: 252
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