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He is just doing what his parents taught him...
"You drew what on your mask?"

"A picture of a spiky covid virus with a great big smile on its face. Then I put it on the statue of our first headmaster in the schoolyard. I got summoned into Mr. Jackson's study and he asked me where my mask was and I pointed out the window at the statue. He was not too happy!"

"Right... look little Billy..."

"I am sixteen and bigger than you, should I call you little Daddy!?"

"Look, Billy, keep on subject, why did you do this? You know you have to wear a mask in school."

"Why? I am not going to die from this and in my class, the only people likely to die are always moaning about being sick with one thing or another and everyone is fed up with them."

"So you are strong and fit and so you should survive while the weak perish and die?"

"Well, that is the law of nature Dad. You are always telling us about evolution and survival of the fittest. You and uncle Jim are always going hammer and tongs on the issue of whether God created or we evolved. I am just living out your godless principles Dad and purging the weak from the herd."

"Are you being serious or just winding me up?"

"Look the masks give me acne and they itch."

"You have got some serious exams coming up that will shape your future you need to play by the school rules."

"Even when the rules are wrong Dad. Aren't you the one who is always telling us to challenge the status quo?"

"They are not wrong they are saving lives. Kids transmit covid to adults and adults die. Do you really want Grandad and Grandma to die from this?"

"They have already been vaccinated so the probability is too low to worry about and it is the same with you guys."

"Wait did you know that Deborah?..."

"Dad that is my girlfriend you are talking about, be careful what you say next."

"Didn't you tell me that she was asthmatic?"

"Er yes..."

"Well you know that is a vulnerable group of people?"

"Er no I did not know that... right...Can I have a box of masks for school please Dad? So I guess that Uncle Jim was right after all about evolution then?"

"No, wait... Ahhh!"

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