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Coffee Break

Sal threw open the shop door.

“I need coffee!” He shouted loud enough to make Barry come from the back office.

“Hold on there, cowboy. I think you’re in the wrong place. There’s no coffee here.”


“Nope. We sell auto parts,” stated Barry, the counter guy.

Sal slumped against the counter. “You know, my wife’s coffee sometimes reminds me of 10W40 motor oil. Guess I’m about a quart low.” He pulled out his wallet. “Better yet, make it two.”

“Tough morning?”

“Nothing a little cup-o-joe won’t fix.”

Barry handed Sal the oil.

“You do realize this is for your car, right?”

“Car, robot, we all need oil now and again. Lucky for me we use the same weight oil.”

Sal gave a wave as he left.

Hal came from the back.

“That guy okay?”

“Don’t ask. It’s going to be one of those days,” said Barry with a shake of his head.

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