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Whose right out trumps whos?
The purpose of this article is not to trivialize the virus, or even champion the whims of conspiracy theorists. It is to give a rational voice to something that seems off-limits to debate. Covid-19 has made its insidious way around the world and we are powerless to prevent it. The best we can do is to arm ourselves with masks, lockdowns and tracer aps.

At the time of writing this article over 4,500,000 people had died from Covid-19 world-wide. The virus has a host of strains making it difficult for vaccines to be 100% effective. By the time the vaccine is administered to a large population, the strain has varied and become more lethal. That is not to say that we should simply give up and no bother with vaccinations. Any protection is better than none, even a placebo.

Some people are weary of getting vaccinated, because of potential side-effects. Not all these people are conspiracy theorists, or the gullible minions of social media rhetoric. They have their reasons. Maybe they are not willing to embrace such a mass immunization, without knowing the full implication of the vaccine. Consider the assurances made regarding asbestos, smoking (endorsed by doctors) and 1080 Poison. Should they be made to get injected, regardless of their reservations? Spock would argue “The needs of the many out ways the needs of the few.”

Nothing seems to motivate defiance with more passion than compulsion; especially when it comes to governments. People are more willing to trust the advice of medical professionals, than regulations; they believe to be dictated by untrained politicians. Being forced to wear masks, not attend their funerals, and having your business lose the custom is sure to beget animosity, leading to eventual rebellion.

History portrays descent as heroic. Muhammad Ali’s draft refusal is considered courageous, as were other conscientious objectors that refused to fight for their countries. Is it really that surprising that the same civil disobedience is among us now? Do we merely defend someone’s liberty, if their defiance doesn’t affect us at a personal level? Have we cultivated a generation of entitled, selfish renegades that refuse to make any sacrifices? Is there a difference between disobedience and defiance? Adults, exalted for courageous defiance, think nothing of punishing their disobedient off-spring.

If we are to demonize the rebellious for not wearing masks, or scanning QR-posters, when threatened with Covid-19, the same should apply to those that refuse Flu vaccines. Anywhere up to 600,000 people, world-wide die of it each year. They too should be singled out as social media conspiracy theorists. Maybe even arrested and trespassed, if they do not comply with certain regulations.

During lockdowns the population hides from the virus. It allows essential workers to assume all the risk. Not everyone can work remotely; the fire brigade for instance would struggle to extinguish your house remotely, and certainly not online. There is no increase, or bonus to reward them. Those that stay indoors, pat themselves on the back as the Covid-19 heroes. One could argue, the more someone gets paid, the safer they become; but that sort of idealism belongs in a more socialist tainted article. Everyone’s contributions are essential. A CEO’s company cannot function if its workforce is absent on sick-leave, due to unhygienic toilets.

Covid-19 humbles humans. For all our technology, and weapons of mass destruction, we struggle to defeat such a small, almost invisible adversary. Are we really the dominant species, or just egocentric, aggressive residents? We cannot stop the rain from falling, volcano’s erupting, or earthquakes from destroying our habits. As a child, I read a story about a Sultan. Every morning he would wake up and command the sun to rise. One day he slept in. It rose without his say so. He shook his fist at it. He ended up falling off a balcony, to his death. What can we learn from this? The sun will rise each day, independent of a Sultan’s blessing. It also tells us, if Covid-19 killed every human being on earth, the world would survive without us.

So, to sum up; people should have the right to choose whether or not to get vaccinated. However, by choosing not to protect themselves, they put others at serious risk of being exposed to the pandemic. People did not die defending freedom, just to excuse the selfish irresponsibility of those that now enjoy it.

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