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by Mac
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Revealing what happened before Crocodile's attack part 2.
"Yes, I met with Crocodile on Monday with the intention of stopping him and saving the kingdom", Vivi explained to a confused Pell. He looked at his princess, his eyes still full of shock, not sure what to say.

The previous Monday

Vivi rode into Rainbase and slowly made her way to the casino of Rain Dinners. Inside the casino, in Crocodile's office, Robin was talking to Crocodile while keeping an eye on the security camera feeds that Crocodile had inside the casino.

Robin saw that Vivi had entered the casino and stood up, "Mr. 0, I need to go check something real quick, I will be right back." Robin told Crocodile before heading up to grab Vivi.

Vivi was walking among the casino, in a lime green jilbaab, Vivi had grown fond of the color, it being what she wore as Miss Wednesday. She was wearing it so that she would not be recognized. Vivi also had a light pink veil that covered her face for extra security, having nearly been spotted when she took care of Finbarr, she made sure she would cover her face from then on out. She and Robin had been together when Vivi picked out the costume, that way Robin could spot her as soon as she entered the casino.

Robin approached Vivi, who smiled through the veil. The pair walked towards an elevator that would bring Vivi down to Rain Dinner's security room where Crocodile had his office. While the pair were in the elevator Robin asked Vivi how the trip was.

"It was fine Miss All Sunday." Vivi responded.

The elevator dinged and Crocodile watched as Robin led in another woman whom Crocodile did not recognize under her jilbaab.

"Who is this, Miss All Sunday", Crocodile asked.

Robin's face went into a big smile and Vivi threw off her jilbaab and revealed her spiral clothes underneath them.

"What", was all Crocodile got out before Vivi started her dance.

Vivi started to move her hips from side to side, and started to rotate her chest to make the spirals all over her clothes seem to move. She then started, a big smile on her face, she had dreamed of this day for weeks.

"Watch the spirals", she said and Crocodile despite trying to resist found himself watching the spirals.

"They guide you", Vivi commanded. Crocodile grunted, trying to fight it but could not, he followed them.

"The spirals are all that exist." Vivi explained, and Crocodile's eyes went cross, his resistance nearly completely gone.

"You have to watch the spirals", Vivi proclaimed, with extra emphasis being put on the word have, she had found that putting the emphasis on the word have worked to make the target fall in even deeper.

"They are your everything", Vivi led Crocodile.

"I am leading you, by leading the spirals." Crocodile nodded, his spirit was gone. While he had been the person who had been able to fight the spirals the best, he like everyone else who had faced them had fallen under.

"You love the spirals, thus you love me." Crocodile's heart skipped a beat, he, he now loved the princess of the kingdom he was trying to take over, his brain didn't know what to do, so it just let the princess lead him.

"Your love of me means you will obey me." There was no hesitation in Crocodile knowing that this is true.

"Now if you understand all that, nod your head and say you agree with me."

Crocodile nodded his head, the added on, "I agree with you".

Vivi will still swaying from side to side walking over to Crocodile. She pulled out of a pocket a bottle of perfume and sprayed herself with it. "Whenever you smell this perfume, subconsciously you will remember the fact I put you under and do whatever it takes to do what I tell you to do." Vivi told him and Crocodile took a sniff and his brain memorized the smell of the perfume from Nanohana.

Vivi then took a deep breath and pulled out a sheet of paper, on the sheet were the plans she and Robin had come up with on how to use Crocodile. She read over it one more time, then started to order him.

"In two days I am to meet you here. When we meet, I want you to act how I will tell you to act. If you understand, tell me you understand." Vivi looked at Crocodile, she had hypnotized people in the palace to do small task, but this was a bit more complicated and she hoped it would work.

"I understand." Crocodile answered back, a bit of droll falling from his mouth.

Vivi smiled at this, everyone reacted to hypnosis slightly differently, and she found a few people completely relaxed their mouth muscles and allowed droll to fall out. She had never expected Crocodile to be one however, he was made of sand, so she just figured he did not have water circulating through his body, she had been wrong it seemed.

Vivi then set in to motion her main plan. She knew that to become the queen she would need to seem worthy of taking over the country, besides just her birthright, even though she had that, which made her a better choice to lead than any else in the country. She also needed an example of why she should lead, an event that will be seen by the entire country.

"You will meet with me in the streets on Wednesday so someone might spy me meeting with you." Vivi was planning her alibi for why she was not in Alubarna the day Crocodile would kill her father. She was hopeful that someone would see her and she could use that to deflect any possible connection between her and Crocodile.

"You will then bring me down to your office, and offer me a meal, of, lobsters, I like lobsters and would love to have one before we engage in any conflict." Vivi was making these orders while she was hungry. Luckily, she had Robin there, who coughed and caught Vivi's attention. Vivi made a small silent laugh and stuck her tongue out at Robin.

"After we eat, you will reveal you know that I, Miss Wednesday am Princess Vivi. You will act smug about this and throw me into the cell in the corner of this room. You will claim this is because you know I have an amazing ability to lead people, and you are convinced it is due to a devil fruit." Vivi felt pretty smug about this part, her abilities were better than any devil fruit power she had ever seen, after all, she had beaten one of the Seven Warlords with it.

"You will then leave me alone in the room, leaving a key hanging outside for Miss All Sunday to grab that night. She will free me, and you will not know how the next time you meet me." Vivi then looked down at the plan she had written for Wednesday, she couldn't think of any holes in it, so she felt satisfied.

Vivi asked Crocodile to repeat the orders she had given him and once he did, she was satisfied. She then started the second part of her orders, she paused, for less than a moment, then continued.

"Crocodile, you will meet with Nefertari Cobra and kill him when you go to Alubarna on Thursday." She ordered and a grin went over her face.

"Later today you will order Miss All Sunday to order members of the millions and billions within Alubarna to put up video transponder snails at an angle that can capture the balcony of the palace. In Alubarna and all other major cities in Alabaster you will order members of the millions and billions to put up screens that will project your meeting with Cobra across the nation. You will not question why you are doing this, and if any members of Baroque Works question it, you will tell Miss All Sunder to threaten them with death." With this in place, the whole country would see the evil of Crocodile and her heroism.

"You will not worry about the other people in the Royal Palace besides Cobra. He is the only person you need to worry about." Vivi would order the members of the Royal Guard to deal with the pair of Chakra and Pell, two men she loved, but with their Zoan type devil fruits they were arguably a bigger threat to her than Crocodile was now.

She would claim any members of the guard who died or were caught attacking the pair were members of Baroque Works which she could have put to death, After her father's death, no one would question her using more force than is probably necessary.

"Once you have killed my father, I will appear before you. You will act like a stereotypical villain and ham up how evil you are. I will pull out a weapon and throw it into your head." She then paused and was happy once again that she had Robin with her, it was Robin that explained to Vivi that Logia type devil fruit users could harden their bodies. "Once the weapon has gone through your head you will solidify your body where it is, causing you death."

While Vivi was shorter than Crocodile, after delivering this order she stared downward at Crocodile, drool coming out of his mouth again. She asked Crocodile to once again repeat what he had just been told.

Crocodile once again repeated the orders that he had been given and Vivi was ready to leave, but she stopped and gave one last order.

"You will forget I was ever here in your conscious, but your subconscious is loyal to me. I want you, till I leave to call me Mistress Wednesday. Do you understand?" She ordered Crocodile.

"Yes Mistress Wednesday", he answered back.

Vivi hugged herself, hearing her greatest enemy call her that. Crocodile now answered to her, and in a few more days, so will the entire country.


Pell sat there in shock, the princess had ordered his murder, had gotten the king killed, and now was about to take over the country.

"Why?" Was all Pell could muster.

"Because I am the only person who can save and lead Alabaster." Vivi answered back like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "If only you were not a Zoan type, you would understand." Vivi said, before sighing. Robin had walked up to the room while Vivi had been telling the story to Pell and had taken her place next to Vivi.

While there had been the small issue with Crocodile beating up Mr. 9 and throwing him in front of Vivi, nothing else had gone against her plan, which showed she did have the ability to plan great things. She knew due to the success of this mission that she was ready to take over Alabaster.

Vivi walked up to the kneeling Pell and kissed him on his forehead, "I really did like you too", she added before starting to walk away. Once she was behind Pell she turned to Robin and made the clutch signal to her.

Robin nodded her head and started "Dos Fleur", she declared and Vivi closed her eyes and stopped walking for a second. "Clutch", she heard declared.


Outside, for the first time in months it started to rain.
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