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by brom21
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Fantasy · #2257864
In an old town, a young man reaches legal drinking age and will be quite surprised.
Troas and his friend Nithose walked on the cobblestone path. They passed by a clothing shop and a banking booth. Nithose was jittery and is nerves were buzzing.

Troas clapped his friend on the back. “I tell you, Nithose, your first drink will be like nothing you have tasted.”

“What did you first have as your first drink?” asked Nithose.

Troas grinned. “Just wait. You will have the same one I had when I turned twenty-one. “

The two came to a pub with a hanging plaque hanging over the entrance that read The Wispy Tavern.

They entered and the pub was-full of people conversing quietly over plates of food and mugs of beer.

Troas brought his friend to the counter where the barkeeper stood. The man smiled at Troas. “I see you have brought a friend,” said the barkeeper.

“Indeed. His name is Troas. He turned twenty-one three days ago.”

The barkeeper eyed Nithose. “I see. What will you be having then?”

“He will have the Clare House Lager…with the special ingredient,” Troas said with a wink.

The barkeeper frowned. “Do you think he is ready?”

“I suppose we will find out.”

The barkeeper shrugged and poured a mug of beer from a wooden bin. He pulled a pouch from under the counter and opened it to reveal something like emerald dust. The man took a pinch of it and sprinkled it into the mug. It glowed a, glistening, green hue.

“What is that?” asked Nithose.

“That is leprechaun dust,” said Troas.

“You are joking.”

“Take a drink,” said Troas.

Nithose contorted his face. “Bottoms up.” He took a drink and puckered his lips. “Tastes strange. Very sweet. What is this dust…”

A small arching rainbow appeared against the wall and a golden cloud appeared inside it.

Nithose stumbled back, almost tripping over a chair. He breathed heavily with a gaping mouth. The pub was empty. “Troas! Where are you!” His eyes darted everywhere. Nithose went to the exit but something invisible blocked him.

Nithose looked at the golden cloud. His eyes were wide as he neared it. He stuck his hand into it and felt a tingling warmth. He held his breath and stepped through. Nithose stood on a city in the clouds full of little men in green suites.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and spun around to see Troas. “Amazing, isn’t it?” he said.

“Where did you go?”

“The rules say only one can come to the leprechaun city at one time. But I brought a salutation gift,” Troas said, pulling out a small blue diamond.

Two leprechauns approached them. “What is this? You know the rules, Troas,” said one of them.

“This will do I think,” he said giving the leprechaun the diamond. His little eyes widened. “My word! A rare thing indeed! Welcome!”

“Follow me, Nithose.” Troas strolled through cloud mist that filled a long silver bridge. They ascended a staircase leading to circular glass surface. Below, Nithose saw mountains, rivers, towns and castles.

“I can see Sea of Heth,” said Nithose said, looking down on all four appendages.

“Wait until you see what is next,” said Troas.

They walked down the steps and walked down a street to a large dome. An open archway led inside.

Nithose gasped as he saw a large golden bird with a fiery tail.

“Why do humans marvel at magical creatures?” said the bird.

“A Phoenix!”

The phoenix ruffled his feathers. “I suppose you would be surprised at the existence of angels too.”

“There are angels here too!”

“No, foolish human! What does the Bible say?”


“Angels live in heaven,” said the phoenix.

“Do you have any way to access heaven?” said Nithose.

“I could kill you. But that would mean you are one of God’s believing children.”

“I have no intention of dying. How old is this place?” asked Nithose.

“It has been here for…”

A horn blasted that echoed everywhere. “Get inside!” said a leprechaun. Everyone begin filing into buildings and structures built beneath the surface.

“What is happening,” said Nithose.

“A dragon is coming. If we stay inside, we are safe,” said the phoenix.

Troas shook his head. “That is only assumed the dragon keeps to the sky and just spews fire. If it lands, it will burrow into any building we hide in.”

Nithose peaked outside and saw a grey dragon with red spiky wings fly above. Its neck expanded and a stream of fire came down.

“Can you not fight back somehow?” asked Troas.

“We thought all the dragons were killed off centuries,” said the Phoenix. “We are defenseless.”

The flying beast landed with a thud. “I will devour all of you, little ones,” said the dragon. It trudged through the main concourse roaring. “Die pests!”

The dragon broke through the roof of a stone building and snatched up leprechauns into its mouth. Cries rang out. The dragon went for the dome where Troas and Nithose were.

“What do we do?”

A crack of lightning sounded as a chariot of fire appeared in the sky. Beings of fire bearing swords of the same charged at the dragon. It spewed fire but the chariot soared past it and struck down the mighty beast with multiple swords slashing at it.

The dragon cried out and fell to its side.

“Why oh why did you bring me here?” Nithose said to Troas.

The chariot of fire rose to the sky and in a flash it was gone.

“God has sent His angels to save us,” said the Phoenix.

“Can we go home,” asked Nithose.

“I would like that too.”

“That is a good idea,” said a leprechaun from behind them. He waved his and another golden cloud appeared under a rainbow.

The two walked through and they were in an empty pub. Everyone appeared and Troas and Nithose exhaled.

“The next drink you buy me, make sure it does not plunge me into dire life threatening danger and magical beings,” said Nithose.


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