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The Life of Sasha Chapter 3
It's the next day and it's 4pm late afternoon, I'm all dressed looking beautiful. I have on my sexy dress from Ralph Lauren and my heels to match, just a little sweet and classy. My hair is pinned up in a bun and my makeup is on point and lipstick. My nails are done I was able to squeeze in a nail appointment this morning my toes are done too. Just for a dinner date with a movers guy I met and I'm looking so beautiful. I heard a car pull into my driveway and oh my nerves are striking up. Breathe I'm telling myself I get nervous sometimes when I'm going on a date but it has been a year too long.

The doorbell rang and I took one more quick look at myself in my living room mirror at my body curves in my dress. I opened the door for Briceson are you ready he asked and you look beautiful your dress is pretty. Thank you I said smiling you look good yourself, Briceson was wearing some black pants casual with a button up shirt with a tie. Let me grab my keys and purse and we can get going, we was off to the restaurant. We listened to some jazz music as we talked about things we like to do and it's interesting to know that we have some things in common.

That is so cool and unique that we have so much in common Briceson said has he parked his car, we are close up to the restaurant front door. I began to open my side of the car door let me get that again for you Briceson said as he got out walked to my side. He opened the car door and I stepped out feeling so wonderful to have this gentleman treat like royalty.

Briceson and I entered the restaurant it looked so classy and I hear jazz music playing as the waitress to us to our table. As we sat across from each the waitress took our dinner order and gave us both a glass of water with apple cinnamon turnovers as our appetizers. You like jazz music I asked Briceson yes I do it's very calming and it good for your soul. Yes that's good I like jazz music myself I said. It's so amazing in here you have a fantastic taste I said looking at Briceson in the eyes. He looked at me in my eyes we stared at each other for a moment and then the waitress brought our food. Thank you I said to the waitress, Briceson thanked the waitress as well. The food is very delicious I said smiling while chewing my food. This is one of my favorite restaurants I like to come to and eat and listen to the beautiful jazz music. Thank you for bringing me out to a restaurant and for being such a gentleman. Briceson said it's my pleasure to do so and we can go upstairs to see the live jazz band play when we are done eating. There's a live jazz band upstairs no kidding I said with my eyes wide, yes it is Briceson said. I talked and ate while Briceson listen to me laugh at things we talked about and he laughed too. We finished eating and about to head upstairs to listen to the amazing band. The waitress came and escorted us to the stairs Briceson was holding my hands and walked up the stairs.

Chapter 4 coming soon.....
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