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Daily Flash Fiction Entry, Prompt: "I need to borrow some money."
“You wouldn’t dare!” Stacy gasped watching her brother hold her wallet over the koi pond.

“You know I’ll do it.” John stood defiantly at the edge of the pond.

“This is ridiculous.” Stacy declared, hands on her hips.

“No, what’s ridiculous is YOU trying to sabotage Kat’s party.” John answered.

“I’m not sabotaging it,” Stacy replied. “I’m merely spicing things up a bit. Turning a boring party into a rampage,” she smiled coyly.

“Your jealousy and ill will toward our step-sister is the only thing on a rampage, Stacy.” John said, the blue wallet hovering over the pond.
Stacy watched as an orange koi surfaced made a few bubbles and then sunk back down.

“John, look. I know we haven’t really been getting along lately, but, if you give me my wallet back, I promise I won’t tell Mom and Dad about Grandma’s favorite China dish.”

“Nice try,” replied John, but they already found that one out a month ago while you were at boarding school.”

Stacy huffed and stamped her foot. At that moment the ground shook and loud bleating came from the side entrance of the garden party. A herd of sheep, ducks, ponies, and mules came running, bucking, flapping, quacking, and honking straight toward the party. Stacy and John watched wide eyed as a donkey kicked over the three tier cake celebrating their step-sister’s 17th birthday.

John didn’t exactly mean to, but when a goose came flapping in his direction, he squealed and accidentally dropped Stacy’s wallet.

“Young lady!” Their mother came stamping over. “I know you were responsible for this. Trouble, always trouble with you! You’re paying for this out of your own pocket!”

Stacy stared into the pond where her wallet floated down, down, down.

“Um. John? I’m going to need to borrow some money.”

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