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A soft and clean vore story about an anthro rabbit and anthro vixen.
The bar was well known as a prey pick-up spot, so Fia knew she'd find herself a meal. The only uncertainty was if she'd like them.

When Fia walked in, the scent of prey wafted to her. She breathed it in hungrily. Her sensitive nose sorted the information and told her there were many rabbits among the crowd.

Using a combination of her eyes and nose, Fia sorted through her options. The first, a skinny male, was unappetising to her. She could just about stomach him, but she wanted better.

The second rabbit to catch Fia eye was so plump, she wasn't sure she could swallow her whole. It was a moot point anyway, because a lynx, who was perfectly capable of swallowing the rabbit whole, had her tongue all over her. The rabbit was squirming appreciatively as she was being licked, so Fia knew she had no chance of tempting her away from the lynx.

At the back of the room, Fia saw a sight that made her drool. She was being treated to a view of the back of a juicy female rabbit. The rabbit had a curvy, but swallowable figure that Fia was desperate to get her mouth around.

When the rabbit turned round and looked right at her, Fia felt her stomach rumble. There was no question. That bunny was for her.


Nami had gone to the notorious Snack Bar to fulfil a lifelong dream. Lifelong as in the life of her present body, not her mind.

A cuddly vixen across the bar gave Nami the look she had longed for. When that same vixen strode straight towards her with purpose, she felt her fur stand on end. Judging by the predatory glare in the vixen's eyes, this was going to be the night Nami was freed from her rabbit body.

'You're mouthwatering,' the vixen told Nami.

The compliment made Nami blush under her grey fur. 'Thank you, fox. You look warm inside,' she replied.

The vixen grinned, showing sharp teeth and a sloppy tongue. 'Fancy finding out how warm I am inside , ravishing rabbit?' she asked.

Nami nodded eagerly. 'Very much so,' she confirmed.

The vixen snarled. 'That's good luck because, like it or not, you're going to,' she said.

Nami treated herself to a head to toe visual scan of the vixen's curves, which she was soon to be a part of. It made her ears twitch with excitement.

'Oh, I like it. I like it very much,' Nami told her soon-to-be consumer.

It seemed this confused the vixen, for she clocked her head to one side. The vixen's confusion confused Nami. Why wouldn't she like being eaten? It's not like she'd die. Yes, she'd have to go through reincarnation and get goodness knows what body, but the mystery of that was fun to her. It was no bad thing. It was in fact her dream.

'My, my, ravishing rabbit. Just how tired are you of being a bunny?' the vixen questioned.

'Very, and I'm eager to give you the satisfaction of a good meal,' Nami replied.

The vixen licked her lips, sending shivers down Nami's spine and making her feel like nothing more than food.

Leaning close to Nami so she could feel and smell her hot, meaty breath, the vixen said: 'Then let's get you out of here and into my stomach.'


As she carried her newest prey out of the bar by the scruff of her neck, Fia noted the many jealous pair of eyes on her. Their envy added to her already immense pleasure.

'Whatever you want to do to me, do it. I want to be the prey of your vixen life,' the rabbit in Fia's mouth told her.

The thought of doing whatever she wanted to the tasty bunny delighted Fia. She'd never had such an obliging prey, and she felt sure to make the most of it.

Carrying her prey from The Snack Bar to the little copse she liked to dine in gave Fia a chance to dream of what she was going to do to her. As she well knew, there was more than one way to eat a rabbit.

When she got in amongst the trees, Fia dropped her prey on the grass. The bunny, soaked with her saliva, gazed up at her.

'I'm so excited!' the rabbit said.

Fia licked her prey's chest, eliciting a moan from herself and the bunny.

'So am I. You're going to go down a treat,' Fia whispered.

The rabbit wriggled around on the grass and Fia laughed, amused by her dominance over it.

'Is this your first time being eaten?' Fia asked, intrigued by her prey's behaviour.

'Second. I started off as a doe. When I was hunted by a wolf couple, I did everything I could to evade them. Evidently, they caught me. They each took turns gulping me down, holding me in their stomach for a few minutes, and then throwing me up for the other one to enjoy. They kept at it until I died in the girl's tummy, and I couldn't understand it. I thought they were being so unnecessarily cruel. When I was reincarnated, I was a wildcat. The moment I caught a mouse, I understood exactly why they'd treated me like that, and I didn't blame them one bit. Now I appreciate how pred's feel when they feed, and I'm prey again, I'm desperate to give someone the pleasure that dozens of mice and rabbits gave me when I was a cat,' the now-rabbit-former-doe-and-wildcat revealed.

This was music to Fia's ears. She leaned over the rabbit and gave her a lingering lick, pushing her soft, squishy body against the ground. The rabbit gasped and Fia moaned.

'I'm was born a rabbit, just like you are now. Since then I've been a mouse, a deer, a hare, and a rabbit again. I got no joy from being prey and hated every pred that swallowed me down to be burnt alive in their stomachs while they have the time of their life at my expense . It's my turn now though. I get to be the one who moans and groans with sheer pleasure while a poor, innocent creature dies inside me,' Fia said.

Concern crossed the face of the bunny. Fia wondered if she'd scared her. She didn't care if she had. She was just curious. The rabbit's attitude to being prey wasn't one she'd come across before, and she wanted to fully understand it before the bunny was reduced to fuel.

'I'm willing prey though, and will love being eaten. I won't suffer at all. Will that spoil your enjoyment? I'm so sorry if it does,' Fia's prey questioned.

'No, it won't spoil it at all. I don't enjoy my prey's suffering. I just enjoy doing what makes them suffer. I don't care how you feel, one way or the other. I'm a pred now. The only shit I give is you, post-digestion,' Fia told the rabbit.

This seemed to please the bunny, who beamed. Fia's prey allowed herself a longing gaze at the tummy she was going to end up in, which rumbled, as if to say: "I'm looking forward to you."

Whenever her stomach rumbled, Fia took it as a cue to fill it. 'Time to enjoy you, bunny!' she growled.

Since being carried out of the bar by the scruff of her neck, Nami had felt like a piece of meat that only existed to please the vixen who'd caught her. When that vixen started licking her all over, it enhanced that feeling.

Hearing the vixen's stomach rumble made Nami's heart flutter. To her, it was the biggest, most genuine compliment a predator could give their prey. It said: “You're delicious, and I'm desperate to eat you."

It was clear the vixen did think Nami was delicious, for she repeatedly licked at her chest, moaning in appreciation at her taste.

'Not enough,' the vixen moaned.

Using her paws, being careful not to cause any harm with her claws, the vixen flipped Nami onto her front. With Nami's back exposed, the vixen lapped her tongue up and down it, lingering on her bunny behind. The softness of the vixen's tongue and warmth of the saliva it soaked her in felt nice to Nami, so she moaned along with her predator.

'Still not enough. I need more. I need you in my mouth,' the vixen complained.

'Then swallow me! Please! Make my dreams come true!' Nami begged.

Both predator and prey were desperate to move on. To do so, the vixen stalked around to Nami's feet. Every step her soon-to-be-consumer took made Nami shiver with glee.

Laying on her front meant that Nami couldn't see the vixen. She certainly felt her tongue lap at her feet though. She was ticklish there, so she gasped and giggled.

One moment Nami's big bunny feet were exposed to the cold night air, the next they were enclosed in moist warmth. This, Nami knew, was because the vixen had started to gulp her down.

Before Nami could get her head around the fact that she was being eaten, like she'd wanted to be for so long, the vixen got her head around Nami's legs and buttocks. Nami could feel her feet were already in the vixen's snug esophagus, which told the rabbit that she was ending up in the vixen's stomach whether she wanted to or not.

With half of Nami inside her mouth, the vixen began to suck on her like a sweet. Nami could almost feel her flavour being licked and sucked off her fur, and she could actually hear the vixen enjoying it. The vixen's saliva thoroughly soaked Nami. Usually, when she was wet, Nami felt a chill that cut right down to her bones, but the vixen's mouth was cosy and warm. It was the comfiest place Nami had ever found herself.

Despite obviously thoroughly enjoying having Nami's midriff in her mouth, the vixen swallowed more of her prey, sending the rabbit's legs down her gullet. Nami found her head slurped into the vixen's mouth. For the first time, she could see the tongue that was lapping up her taste, and was fully immersed in the sound of the vixen sucking on her. As the vixen's lips were parted, Nami could see the world she couldn't be happier to be leaving behind.

'Mmm, mmm, mmm!' cried the vixen.

'Go on, girl! You know where I belong,' Nami told the vixen.

With a loud slurp, the vixen sent Nami down into her esophagus. All the rabbit could see was black, all she could hear was the vixen's heartbeat, and all she could feel was soft, warm flesh pressing on her on all sides.

The soft flesh Nami found herself enclosed in began to convulse, sending her down the tunnel it created. The coating of saliva on her fur helped her slide along nicely.

'So good! So, so, good!' the vixen cried as Nami slid down her esophagus.

The vixen's words reverberated through her body, shaking Nami.

Eventually, just as she'd expected, Nami fell into a fleshy cavern with a pool of liquid in the bottom. She knew this to be the vixen's stomach. It was just as warm and comfy as she'd hoped. She snuggled up on the soft stomach lining, her toes dipped in the pool of the vixen's stomach acid, and thought: 'What a perfect place to die.'


The feel of soft fur tickling the sensitive lining of her tummy delighted Fia. It was her dream.

'I know we're at the final stages now. What can I do to enhance your enjoyment of me at the end?' the bunny filling Fia's tummy asked.

Never before had Fia's prey asked what it could do for her as it died, which was basically what the rabbit had just asked her. Fia knew exactly what she wanted, and she decided to use the opportunity the bunny was giving her to live out a fantasy.

'I want you to rub my belly while I drift off to sleep. I love the idea of falling asleep with a belly full of live prey, and waking to find my stomach has dealt with you overnight,' Fia told her prey.

Immediately, the bunny responded by running her paws along Fia's stomach walls in a circular motion.

When she found a large oak tree, Fia curled up under it.

'Comfy?' the rabbit who was massaging Fia from the inside asked.

'Oh, boy, yes,' Fia confirmed.

'Goodnight, vixen. I hope you sleep well,' the bunny said.

It suddenly occurred to Fia that she didn't know the name of the rabbit who was about to die inside her, and that rabbit didn't know her name.

'It's Fia, and goodnight to you too, whoever you are. This has given me so much joy, like I've never felt before,' Fia replied.

'Nami, and the feeling is mutual. I am having a wonderful time,' the bunny, Nami, replied.

Fia didn't answer, for sleep was calling her.

Before she drifted off, Fia licked her lips one last time and got a hit of Nami's sweet and meaty flavour.

The rhythm of Nami's rubs, and the comforting warmth of her body inside Fia's, sent the fox into the best sleep she'd ever had.


Snoring shook Fia's stomach and its occupant. The noise nearly deafened Nami, but she didn't care. She was too busy enjoying the feeling of her body being engulfed by stomach acid.

More and more acid seeped into Fia's stomach. As it did so, it coated Nami's body. It made Nami's skin tingle and began to burn her fur off.

As her skin was revealed, Nami felt her body get softer, and her mind get weaker. She knew the end was coming. She let her body go limp and her mind drift until all she was aware of was how soft and warm her deathbed was.

After a few minutes, Nami felt her body becoming one with Fia's, and her mind drifting free. Her last rabbit thought was: 'That was everything I hoped it would be.'


Sometimes, Fia felt like her body was a trophy cabinet. Every roll of fat commemorated a successful catch. Granted, some of them were willing catches at the bar, but that still took some skill.

The body also held memories. Every time Fia looked down at her tummy, she remembered Nami, the bunny who had given her immense pleasure and further softened her body. She hugged herself, knowing she'd be hugging what was left of Nami.

Having a body like Fia's sent a message to all those who saw her. It told pred and prey alike that she was well-fed, so obviously a capable hunter.

To show off how cuddly she'd become, Fia visited a bar exclusively for preds to discuss hunting. There, at the bar, was a fox who wasn't much more than a fur coat over a skeleton.

As a competitive girl, Fia couldn't help but tease her skinny fellow fox, so she strode up to her.

'Bless, look at you! I'm so sorry. Did I eat all the food so there was none for you?' Fia asked the fox.

The fox turned to face Fia, and she thought there was something familiar about her eyes.

'No, Fia. I've just been out of the game,' the fox said.

Suddenly Fia realised who it was. 'Nami!' she cried.

The fox nodded. 'That's me. I got reincarnated as a vixen, just like you,' Nami replied.

'Oh, you look so thin, poor girl. After what you did for me, you deserve a full belly,' Fia said.

'Well, now that we're both preds, fancy hunting together? I'd appreciate your help to get back into it. Let's find my old body a friend,' Nami suggested.

In Fia's opinion, it was the least she could do for Nami. Also, she was curious to see what Nami was like as a predator.

'I'd love that! Let's get out now!' Fia agreed.

The two vixens made their way out of the bar.

'What do you fancy?' Fia asked.

'Oh, I think a cute little bunny. I do love them,' Nami replied.

Fia grinned, showing her fangs. 'You know, the best meal I ever had was a rabbit. She was delish !' she told Nami.

Tails wagging, Fia and Nami went off to involve others in their dinner plans.

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