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Bling is the thing and I'm winning. 36 LINES

Bling is the thing, baby
as far as the eye can see
'Bling' out the ladies, 'bling' out the men
Pick any card then pick one again.

Got a nine and got a four
Yes, yes, put down one more.
There's no doubt I can't be out
Lady Luck's by my side for sure.

Of losing I have no notion
I have this lucky potion
Brewed by the greatest wizard
(He turned my Mom-in-law in to a lizard!)

So anyway, when I drank it
(And oh, boy, do I thank it!)
Lady Luck materialized
Leaving me quite mesmerized.

She's been whispering all evening long
So that my 'guess' is never wrong.
When to draw and when to stop
And I keep coming out on top.

Bling is the thing and I'm winning
With confidence I am brimming
My lips and teeth they are grinning
My wallet is fattening (others' are thinning).

The only thing that I now hope
Is that the lucky sip of dope
Makes me a writing champ
By giving me a win in CRAMP

My rhyme scheme is all askew
Sometimes I rhyme line one with two
Sometimes the odd lines, some times the even
Whatever, it has been fun.

And there are so many entries
Talented writers spewing poems and stories
That I need all the luck I can get
So that on winning I can bet!

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