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Rated: E · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2257962
Even without very many words, love finds a way.
Prompt: Cherries

Valerian is a complicated man, complicated in that he’s not one for words. I’m lucky to get ten words in a week, if that.

It’s not as you might think though, he might not say very much, but his actions speak louder than any thing, even the little things. He makes me breakfast every morning, brings me gifts, takes me on trips, runs baths for me when I’ve had a hard day.

We do have an arrangement though, because understanding him is such a challenge, one I still have trouble with even after five years together, he made me a promise; he will say at least one specific word to me every day, a word that describes how he feels on that particular day, in that hour or minute.

Today’s word, well, let’s say it’s not the strangest thing he’s ever said to me.


I blink blearily at him, the remnants of sleep still clouding my brain.


He gives me a look, the fiery depths of his eyes boring into me. Those eyes used be unsettling, and they put off most people, but now they remind me of camp fires and marshmallows, rubies and ambers, honey and sunlight. I could wax poetry about his eyes for years, just his eyes mind you, everything else about him I could recite ballads for eons. It’s also what I tend to blame my confusion on, his damn gorgeous eyes are distracting. It’s why it takes me a second to figure out what he means.

Cherries are red, macaroons are blue, my favorite treat is you.

He doesn’t speak much, but he has a memory that runs miles long.

When it finally clicks, I can feel my face heat instantly and despite my squirm inducing embarrassment, it’s well worth the result.

Valerian is a huge tease, he loves almost nothing more than making me blush in many ways, and since he loves it so much I can’t really blame him, especially not when it makes him smile at me like I hung the stars and moon just for him, which I would absolutely do in a heartbeat if I could.

Because he doesn’t speak very much or have a way with words, I share mine with him in any and every way I can, including writing cheesy and blush inducing poems. That one in particular I wrote for him on our three month anniversary. And even though I’m not very good, he remembers and cherishes each and every word I shower him with.

“Your eyes are red, mine are blue, my love for you begins anew.”
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