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Anne-Jan van der Voo loved her cat a little too much, and he just couldn't live with it.
Anne-Jane van der Voo

By Philippe McMurdo

Anne-Jan van der Voo loved her cat completely;
          She doted on him, fed him full and bathed him well twice weekly.

          The cat in time came to resent the keen and pamp'ring lady;
          No feline of sound moggy-mind likes baths, 'cause that's just crazy.

          Anne-Jan van der Voo drove the cat to rue;
          Another bath, another squeeze, he'd run his lady through.

          Still Anne pursued her cat with unremitting affection,
          'Til one-day she disappeared - no trace and no detection.

          Anne-Jan van der Voo - where she'd gone nobody knew,
          Except the cat who'd done-her-in down alley by light of moon.

          The case was closed and that was that; no police lights red or blue,
          They say to this day that was the last of Anne-Jan van der Voo.

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