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Letter to my family asking them to send WdC a copy of my death certificate memorialize me.
This is a letter to my family and the executor of my real life Will. My WdC Will is "WdC Will AKA Group Succession Plan. This is to ensure that I am memorialized here on WdC when I am gone. I am sending a copy to my brother and best friend as well as giving a copy to my financial planner who has a copy of all my important documents such as life insurance policy, list of locations of investments, passwords, etc. Most people keep those records in a safe place in their home or a safe deposit box, but I move too much and sometimes live in sketchy areas, so he has mine. Everyone will receive both an email and a hard copy with the assurance that I am not planning or expecting to die, but that this is important to me, so I want to be prepared. *Smile*

To Whom It May Concern:

I'm writing this because www.writing.com, hereafter called WdC, has been a very important part of my life for a very long time. When I was getting out of the Army and didn't know what to do with myself, several people suggested I take up writing again. I found WdC and have never doubted this is where I should be. They helped me through some of the darkest times when I was struggling as a new civilian with severe mental health issues from Iraq and the writing community there has been a constant source of encouragement and support, no matter what I'm going through. I want to be a part of this community forever and this is how I can.

I need whoever is sending out the copies of my death certificate to send a copy to Writing.com as well. The StoryMaster, hereafter called SM, prefers it be emailed to him. Please include a note that I have passed away, but that he, his family, and his site gave me many years of fun, love, and encouragement and that my surviving the first year or two out of the Army was in no small part because of WdC. Also, please remind him that my username is Schnujo. He probably knows this, but it makes it easier so he doesn't have to look me up and so there is no accidental mistake. His email address is storymaster@writing.com and the WdC mailing address, should you need it, is

C/O DictionaryOf.Com, Inc.
PO Box 22131
Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-2131

If I am suffering from a long illness or am otherwise incapacitated, please ensure my membership level on WdC stays Premium (Premium Plus isn't necessary). I realize this may seem like a waste to you, but there are benefits to that membership level, including people being able to access my entire portfolio of work, not just 10 items. Additionally, my membership level after I die, once SM receives my death certificate, will forever be as it was when I died. If I die as a Premium member, I will always be a Premium member and all the banners, images, and other things I have will always be viewable to others, along with my writing.

Rick already has my WdC password, but if for some reason it isn't working, you can reset it using my Hotmail account. To purchase a membership, on whatever screen you are on (on a computer) when you log in, you will find in the upper left corner, there is an image (probably of an American flag, if I haven't changed it), my username (probably Schnujo), and my membership level and expiration date (if it hasn't already expired--if it has, please repurchase a Premium membership for me and my items will reappear in my portfolio). Click the membership level and expiration date. Scroll down on the Membership page and you will see a Premium membership for 1 year. That is the best deal. If you expect me to be incapacitated, but not dying for multiple years, you can purchase multiple years of membership and they will simply be added to the end and continue on until the last one expires.

In addition to having my portfolio forever available for others to see, I will be changed from a blue case (Moderator--very prestigious as there are less than 100 for the whole site of over 1 million members) to a white case, meaning I have passed away so anyone seeing my username and case will see a white case instead. The current case (if you are viewing this before SM has received a copy of my death certificate and updated me) looks like Schnujo is in the Falklands . Additionally, my name will be added to "White Case Memorial and "Writing.Com's White Cases so that people will be able to remember me and even virtually visit me. *Angelic*

Thank you for doing this for me! I love you all and really value the time we had here together. Don't worry about me. I'm sure I'm fine. I believe in God and Jesus as my savior, so I am now in Heaven worshipping them there. All my frustration, pain, and problems are now gone. Don't be sad that I'm gone, but happy that I was here to spend some time with you. *Heart* *Hug* *Heart*

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