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by Jacky
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2258007
Flash Fiction
Fixing Things

“What are your parents doing?” Jack whispered to Frankie as he noticed them both hovering near the edge of the house.

“They’re spying on us.”

“What? Why?”

“They don’t think I have any friends. I know I don’t have anything interesting to do here, but I thought if they saw me with a friend here they would stop worrying about me.”

“Can’t you just tell them we play video games every day and we’re working on a big project at school together?”

“I tried, they’re computer illiterate.”

“Seriously!? Computer illiterate? In this day and age?”

“Yes. I know, it seems impossible, but they both grew up in the hills and were home schooled. They read and write beautifully but never saw the need for learning computers once they were grown. I keep trying to tell them it’s not just games but they just think they don’t need it.”

“What do they do for work? They must need computers in their work, don’t they?”

“They run a cleaning business. They clean!”

“But they run a business... work on that part. They must do paperwork, have expenses, bills, clients! Think of how a computer could help, and help make that happen!”

“You’re genius! Can you help me?”

“You’re on!”

Six months later the Waverly Cleaning Company was on-line. Frank and Jack taught Frank’s parents how to run the business efficiently through computers. Frank’s parents had so much more time, they took on more clients and trained more employees.

“What are your parents doing?” Jack whispered to Frankie as he noticed them hovering again near the edge of the house another day.

“I don’t know...” Frankie said, then they suddenly popped out with brand new laptops for both boys!

“We fixed things, didn’t we,” Jack said.

“We certainly did,” Frankie said.
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