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A poem to my wife on her birthday

Once upon
Once upon a mardi in Kimavec,
A dancing floor was created on the mires of sand.
As the three hands of time move, in cyclic,
joy cripple us every time we throw our faces to the ground,
facing cordate footprints that are so analgesic,
footprints of love at first sight, scribbled on the ground,
the ground covered with the sand dunes of memories.

Once upon the fifth of Kimavec, Y2K; love was birthed,
unapparelled, wrapped inside vernix caseosa,
A cry of joy, drawing smiling lines on faces, “love breathed”
Screams were heard for the blooming scabiosa,
hugs and kisses, a sign of love, love that was unsheathed.
love was to dwell among us, Love flowing in every vein.

Once upon another day in that year, love was given a name-
Tichaemura, to signify anticipation for veneration.
An oasis of joy in the deserts of sorrow, Farirai (love’s other name).
Meaning: be happy, a cause for glee and jubilation.
love grew in purity, spirituality, a loyal fan gave Titie, as the nickname.
The loyal fan, Tynoe, is glad to be among those in celebration.

This is Tynoe’s letter to love, who Love lives in her frame.
Dear Tichaemura Farirai, Dhibha, my Tiffaney.
Are you okay? I hope all is fine and funny.
Time has handed you another blank page to write about Love’s fame.
Write the story the way you want but make it fun.
Yours, Tynoe Rodney, the loyal fan.

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