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May God Bless the individuals tragically lost on 9/11 - a poem.
Proud and swift,
And backed by the immensely
Popular president of the nation
And the undeterred mayor
Of the Big Apple,
The U.S. launched
Into an aggressive sea of responses
In retaliation for 9/11’s
Scripted, bold attacks. 
The consequences seem
Even less benign
On the 20th anniversary
Of these lethal embodiments
Which led us to declare
The War on Terror in 2001. 
As we gaze in utter awe
At the memorials on this solemn day
And note the tributes,
The shadows of the December 2001
Overthrow of the Taliban government
In Afghanistan as a preventative measure
Signal the current inefficacy
Of the response -
And as we mourn the heroes
And citizens we so dearly lost
To the deadliest bloodbath
In American history,
The acts of hatred and killings continue,
And the quick and chaotic leaving
Of Afghanistan shall fall under
The gamely microscope
Of congressional leaders
Who seek to hold our ridiculous president
To account for this epic disaster…

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