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A story I started working on, but I wasn't sure if it was good or not. Would like feedback
Chapter 1 - My dream

Grace Serket, is a young girl from a special family. She lives with her mother and father, Daisy and Micheal Serket. Growing up, Grace was not to be around people. So she was homeschooled all her life. She never knew the feeling of having friends, she always felt lonely as even in childhood she couldn't be around people. Just her and her parents alone. Grace was finishing up her homework as usual when she suddenly heard some commotion in the hallway of little echos sounding like her parents. She gently gets up and walks to the door putting her ear against it, but still echoes. So she opens the door slowly and then the echoes get louder and clearer. She stops opening the door when she feels she can hear the conversation well enough. She puts her back to the wall next to the slightly open door to listen. "Look, no need to yell, I'm just saying she never gonna have experiences if we don't let her try. I feel she's old enough." She hears her dad, "But I want us to know what she has first before sending her, because if it's something people can see we're doomed." She hears her mom. "I understand honey, but it be alright she hasn't found us yet. And her sixteen birthday did pass so we'll know soon enough okay. I know you love her, but how is she gonna find love or even friendship when she is stuck in here all the time." "I know I know I just get worried you saved me once but what if you can't again.. What if it's Grace in danger!?" "Well if she has some type of gift then she can defend herself alright, nothing to worry about." After a couple minutes of silence, Grace hears footsteps on the stairs. Knowing that her parents were done talking, she closes her door and lays down in bed looking at the ceiling. "Gift?" "She?" "Danger?" "I don't understand anything..." Grace mumbles. Growing up she knew her parents kept something from her, ever since she heard that argument when she was 8 after just moving to a new place. And even when she tried to ask about it, they changed the subject. "I just wish they would be honest with me, I'm not little anymore I can take it. I'm sure it's not even that bad" She turns to lay on her left side. "Nothing I can do though..." She decides to take a nap to get her mind off it. The blackness fades, as her dream arrives.

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