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Flash Fiction 258 Words
Chips and the words "Trust Me" killed Brad Berry. He didn't question why he suddenly liked coffee, the one drink he hated, bought a skateboard or decided he hated his wife. Nor did he question the need to take his life.

Like life, Brad never questioned his business partnership with Ray. A real- go- getter, Ray started in computers then moved to
Body Chip Technology. He moved a little too fast for Brad.

"Trust me Brad, we can change the world, it's money, power, and it's all ours!

It wasn't long before Ray convinced the political and religious powers to mandate "The Chip Health Implantation Program,"

Busier than ever, Brad moved to "Public Relations Manager," traveled the country and promoted the health benefits of the program.

Meanwhile, Ray kept busy in the office reading the chip data. His plan worked better than he imagined. He fooled them all, the chips really read their thoughts and words. And unknown to the recipients, he now had the ability to control what they planned to say or do. The entire United States sat right in his office.

Ray leaned back in his chair and stared at the computer, really a disguise for a machine that allowed him to control the world. Nothing could stop him now.

He pulled the list from his desk. The time had come.

"Who needs a public relations man when you control the public?"

He read the list, pushed the buttons and smiled.

Monday: Brad Drinks Coffee
Tuesday: Buys a Skateboard
Wednesday: Hates His Wife
Thursday: Suicide

258 Words
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